Doha Food: A Foodie’s Guide to Qatar!

Doha Food: A Foodie’s Guide to Qatar!

Doha Food
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Qatar is quickly becoming a hot tourist destination with all the buzz it is gathering, on being the host destination for the 2022 FIFA World Cup! For tourists visiting this beautiful desert oasis, especially die-hard foodies, the local food is something to look forward to! While Doha food picks up a lot of elements from the cuisines of nearby countries, the one cuisine that it intermingles the most with, is the Indian cuisine, especially North India.
Doha Food - Biryani

Some of the famous dishes to try in Doha:

Doha Food - Haleem
  • The national dish of Qatar, Machboos is a traditional, thick Saudi Arabian stew slow-cooked for several hours. It is prepared using meat or fish, with vegetables, and is served atop a bed of fragrant, long-grain rice or with Biryani, a popular Indian meal. From yoghurt dips to fiery kebabs that melt in the mouth, there are plenty of accompaniments to the traditional Machboos
  • While on your quest to try out the most delicious of Doha food, don’t forget to try out some halwa, made up of fruit pulp, sugar, nuts, raisins, and rose water. This is probably the best-smelling dessert out there and comes in dozens of flavours!
  • Another traditional Qatari dish is the Simit, which borrows elements from Lebanese and Turkish dishes. A bagel encrusted with sesame seeds and coated with sugar, Simit is not only a favourite breakfast item, but is also a good snack to munch on when you’re not craving something too heavy. Usually accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee, this delightful snack is available in high-end restaurants as well as at roadside vendors alike!
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Are there Indian restaurants in Doha?

There are plenty of Indian restaurants in Doha, owing to the similarity of both cuisines, and the presence of a large number of Indian expats in Qatar. For those looking for some Indian food in Doha, there are several options to try out such as:
Doha Food - Thareed
  • Aalishan Indian Restaurant serves up scrumptious versions of popular Indian dishes with an added twist of Qatari flavours. This is also one of the best Indian buffet restaurants in Doha that locals and tourists love to flock to. The most popular dishes here include the lamb biryani, chicken stew, fresh minty salads, and refreshing beverages. Apart from its quality, budget-friendly food, this restaurant is also coveted for being spotlessly clean. Here, you can converse with locals, ask the staff to recommend special dishes, and bond with fellow food lovers to find out more about Doha food.
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Doha Food - Simit
  • Another popular Indian restaurant in Doha is the Zaffran Dining Experience, where Indian snacks are served with aplomb, from aloo tikkis to samosas.
  • If you’re a vegetarian, head to Teatro, where several, delicious, vegetarian Indian dishes are available.
  • Chingari is a restaurant where grilled Indian dishes and spicy curries are made with fresh produce and authentic spices. The next time you are in Qatar, don’t forget to check out some of the Indian buffet restaurants in Doha to get a unique perspective on food that you might be eating every day.
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Doha Food - Halwa
If you want to check out the street food scene, plenty of street stalls and local restaurants offer delicious dishes, such as spicy shrimps, hearty beef stews, lentils soups of all kinds, thick bread to go with the hot curries, and plenty of lemon-based cold drinks to wash it all down. READ MORE: 15 Delicious Greek Food To Try During Your Greece Vacation!
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