Come, Unearth The Mysteries of Azerbaijan – The Land of Fire

Come, Unearth The Mysteries of Azerbaijan – The Land of Fire

Night time view of Flame Towers
Welcome to Azerbaijan, the land of fire and flames
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“The Land of Fire” meets the unique “Mud Volcanoes” in Azerbaijan, the largest country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. This amazing country has plenty of fascinating travel destinations and interesting tourism attractions. Azerbaijan tourism offers stunning UNESCO declared cultural and natural heritage sites to see, unique souvenirs and handicrafts to shop for and delicious halal food of Azerbaijani cuisine to gorge on.

Visitors to Azerbaijan can further experience the unique medical spa therapy, witness some of the most amazing mud volcanoes on the planet, or simply taking a stroll in the heritage-rich cities of Baku and Sheki. Adventure seekers and seasoned travellers can take additional activities like skiing at the famous Shahdag Ski Resort, watersports in the Caspian Sea based resorts, nature hike and trek the countryside comprising quaint Azerbaijani villages, towns and sleepy markets.

Azerbaijan travel is fresh, captivating and has a distinct culture, a typical “East meets West” ambience. Azerbaijan offers a lot as a quick weekend getaway destination from the Middle East. The country has a typical European charm coupled with Middle Eastern, Turkish, Iranian and Caucasian cultural elements.

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Things To Do In Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan

Set amidst forested slopes, at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, resembles Dubai in many ways. Here are a few interesting things to do in Baku, during your next visit…

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Azerbaijan In Pictures

Images of Azerbaijan

Famously referred to as the ‘Land of Fire’, Azerbaijan dazzles with a delightful collection of old, new, unique, and extraordinary! Here are some stunning pictures that will make you want to visit this extraordinary country!

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10 Intriguing Facts About Azerbaijan

Mini-Guide To Eating In Azerbaijan

Halal Food in Azerbaijan

Food plays a key role in the culture and history of any region, and Azerbaijan is no exception! Featuring a tantalising blend of Middle Eastern and Eastern European flavours, Azerbaijani cuisine is unbelievably delicious. Check out the best dishes of this country…

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Shopping Guide For Azerbaijan

Shopping in azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is not only a country of rich culture and beautiful landscape, but it also is the perfect place to buy knicks-knacks to adorn your house and remind you of your delightful vacation in this wondrous country. Have a look at the country’s best shopping spots…

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Attractive Azerbaijani Packages
Attractive Azerbaijani Packages

Azerbaijan Visa

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements

Traveling to Azerbaijan? Here is everything that you ever wanted to know about the visa requirements for Azerbaijan!

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Nightlife In Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Nightlife

There is a reason why Baku is known to be one of the best places in Europe to shake a leg. Check out why!

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Halal Food

Azerbaijan Food

Azerbaijan has no dearth of delicious halal food. Check out the top restaurants serving the best of halal cuisine..

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