Self-quarantine blues? 10 Dreamy Cabins We Wouldn’t Mind being Quarantined In!

Self-quarantine blues? 10 Dreamy Cabins We Wouldn’t Mind being Quarantined In!

Dreamy Cottages to Be Quarantined In

If you’re going to be self-quarantined/self-isolated, hell, we all wish it could be some place cozy, comfortable, remote, and cute! Say what? Let’s face it, these are testing times, and morally, the best duty you can do towards containing the spread of #covid19 is distancing yourself socially and staying indoors!

Now, if that’s what needs to be done, let us help you day-dream away of being quarantined at the following 10 dreamy, charming, isolated cabins!

1. Faroe Islands

This grass-roofed cottage by the lake in Faroe Islands is what self-isolation dreams are made up of!

2. British Columbia, Canada

A wooden log cabin overlooking those gorgeous mountain peaks and a shiny blue lake. What more could your isolation needs want?

3. Patagonia, Chile

Inspired by the ancient dwellings in the region, these charming domes in Patagonia look like an ideal place to be isolated in!

4. Vancouver Island, Pacific Ocean

Off Canada's Pacific coast, on Vancouver Island, this humble wooden cottage looks straight out of a fairy-tale!

5. Gothenburg, Sweden

These cute cottages in Gothenburg, Sweden, are giving us some serious self-quarantine goals! 

6. Lapland, Finland

Watching the magical Nothern Lights while in self-isolation? Yes, please. Why not?!

7. Iceland

This cozy Icelandic cottage with its grass roof and sea-side views would be a perfect refuge while the world is going upside-down! 

8. New Hampshire, USA

Bang in the middle of the woods, we could get quite used to being quarantined here forever! What do you think?

9. Whitefish, Montana

Nothing fancy. Just a regular tree-house amidst the forest. Would you like to be isolated here till the end of time? Sure.

10. Kaprun, Austria

The word quarantine never sounded better, until we laid our eyes on this gorgeous cabin. Quarantine us already! 

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