Droolworthy Kenyan Food on Instagram You SHOULD NOT Miss Out On!

Droolworthy Kenyan Food on Instagram You SHOULD NOT Miss Out On!

Kenyan food
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Besides its dreamy beaches, surreal savannah sunsets, wildebeest and zebra dotted grasslands, fascinating local culture, and frenzied concrete jungles like Nairobi, Kenya is also known for its drool-worthy local eats! Simple, wholesome, and exciting, Kenyan food incorporates influences from Indian and Arab cuisines, resulting in a unique yet delectable and rich spread. Here are 8 insta-worthy Kenyan food you must not miss out on!



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A nutritious fill of boiled red beans and corn kernels mixed with some vegetables, and topped with a sprinkle of pepper, salt, and chillies. Variations using tomato gravy, potatoes, and beef stock are also prepared.


One of the most popular forms of rice, Pilau makes it way to numerous cuisines across the planet. This irresistible rice dish is prepared using spices like cloves, cardamom, cumin and cinnamon, along with meat stock (optional) and vegetables. In Kenya, the most popular form of Pilau is prepared with goat meat.

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Native to the Kikuyu tribe in Central Kenya, Irio is the Kenyan version of mashed potatoes. Potatoes and green peas are boiled and mashed together, complimented with boiled corn kernels, and then seasoned with salt and pepper. This famous Kenyan food is usually served as a side dish with steak and gravy.


Borrowed from India, Bajias can be cooked in numerous ways. The Kenyan version comprises of potato slices that are seasoned, deep fried, and served with a tangy tomato salsa dip.


Matoke is of the one of the staple dishes of Kenya, made using plantain bananas! The recipe consists of a delicious concoction of bananas cooked in oil, sauteed in a tangy mix of onions, tomatoes, garlic, chilies, and meat. The bananas are cooked until they’re a bit tender and form a thick stew with the other ingredients.

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Nyama Choma

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When it comes to the top dishes of Kenya, the list would remain incomplete without Nyama Choma. Translating into ‘burned meat’, this Kenyan delicacy comprises of goat, beef or sometimes chicken meat, that is slow roasted to a tender, melt-in-the-mouth perfection! The locals enjoy Nyama Choma with a decent serving of kachumbari – a salad-like dish with onions, tomatoes, lime, and coriander.


When one thinks of Kenyan food, probably the first dish that would come to mind would be Ugali – the most popular Kenyan food staple. For this filling dish, cornmeal is boiled in water, until a thick paste-like consistency is achieved, which is then savoured with a tangy stew or vegetable/meat gravies.

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Sukuma Wiki

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If green veggies are your thing, Sukuma Wiki is a flavoursome Kenyan recipe that you can’t miss out on. Best enjoyed as a side dish with just about any regular meal, Sukuma Wiki comprises of Kale and collard green leaves cooked in oil, with onions, tomatoes and a smattering of other flavours. Kenya holiday package
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