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Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

DSF 2017 Packages

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(26 Dec, 2017 - 27 Jan, 2018)

Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF made its smashing debut in the year 1996. What started as a mere retail event is now a major tourists’ attraction drawing millions of people to the glittering emirate, Dubai.  Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), the largest shopping and entertainment extravaganza in the Middle East, will be celebrating its 22nd anniversary in the year 2017, which by all means hints that the event will only get bigger and the discounts offered will also be astounding, making it a cheerful event for all those participating and visiting.

While shopaholics will make merry, the ones who are looking for entertainment also would not be disappointed. DSF kicks off Dubai’s calendar of events each year with a vast variety of promotions, events, and activities.  As a visitor to DSF, you could look forward to attending international concerts, musicals and shows, sports and fashion events, etc. Trust Dubai Shopping Festival to cater to every age segment.

A massive event for families, DSF also offers a lot to keep the kids entertained, too. Family fun alongwith massive shopping avenues are sure to keep you entertained thoroughly.

Here Are Some Inside Tips And Hacks For DSF 2017!

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 - Save the Date!

Fireworks During DSF 2017

Adding more cheer to Christmas, DSF, the month-long event will be held from 26 December - 28 January 2017.

Dubai Weather During Dubai Shopping Festival and Visa Information

December and January are two of the best months of the year to visit Dubai, as it is pleasantly warm enough to go sunbathing, and sightseeing. The average temperature during the month of December- January ranges from 16°C to 28°C and humidity is almost non-existent. Make sure that you are adequately dressed so as to be able to enjoy the shopping at DSF.

Dubai Shopping Festival: Visa Requirements for Dubai

The process of obtaining visas (especially during the DSF) has been made extremely simple. Visa needed to enter UAE depends on factors such as nationality, the purpose of your visit (in this case, DSF) and its duration. The tourists’ visa norms in the United Arab Emirates are not as stringent as in some other Middle Eastern countries.

If you are a citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries i.e. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, you do not require a visa to travel to the UAE.

Also, citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, USA, and most Western European countries need not apply for a visa before arriving in Dubai.

However, citizens of other countries such as Canada, China, India, South Africa and Russia, visas do need pre-arranged visas before arrival, which can be arranged in relatively easy manner and applied online through the Dubai Visa Processing Centre website, in association with Emirates.

Disclaimer: The content of these pages are provided to the best of our knowledge, and in good faith. The use of these websites is at the viewer/user’s sole risk.

For further information on Dubai online visa application form, please contact the nearest Dubai Embassy, or visit Dubai Embassy Website.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017: Dubai Hotels.

During this great event, the Dubai hotels offers great discounts, and are usually jam-packed thanks to the increasing number of tourists keen on visiting this mega event every year.  It is advisable that you pre-book your hotel, as so to avoid last moment rush.

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Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

What to buy at DSF?

With a plethora of things on display and discounts do die for, it might confuse a visitor, so as to what to buy and what to what not buy at DSF? Worry not, as this infographics will help you decide on things you don’t want to miss out on while shopping at DSF.

What to buy at Dubai Shopping Festival
Infographic created by: Anushree Kedar ©HolidayMe
  1. Carpets: Make sure, you have a budget and enough luggage weight allowance reserved for the extremely beautiful hand-crafted Iranian carpets. At DSF 2016, you will be spoilt for choice while exploring the wide variety of carpets on display viz. Iranian, Persian, Kashmiri, Turkish carpets. Do not forget to check out the handmade silk Iranian carpets.
  2. Electronics: Thanks to the tax-free status policy of Dubai, shopping for electronics in DSF is something you cannot miss out on! With all that discount and almost every major and small brand showcasing its goods, electronic shopping during DSF is nothing short of a steal.
  3. Gold: How could you come to Dubai and NOT shop for Gold? Its blasphemy of a sort and even more so during the Dubai Shopping Festival, when Gold jewellery is duty-free and discounts are high.
  4. Watches: Omega, Rado, Cartier etc., name the brand and you will find it at Dubai Shopping Festival. From local to branded watches, simple to diamond studded watches, DSF has them all, and not to mention at great prices, too!
  5. Leather: Trust DSF to have a good stock of finest leather items. The range of belts, shoes, wallets, jackets would leave any leather-lover, gasping for more!
  6. Dry fruits: DSF shoppers can also make a beeline for some of the finest dry fruits of extremely high quality in the Arab countries. Put your bargaining skills to good use and you will surely land a good deal.
  7. Perfumes and cosmetics: Another must buy during Dubai Shopping Festival, are the branded or local perfumes, which are sold at whopping discounts. Similarly, you will also find a huge variety of cosmetics, all duty-free and available at very cheap rates.
  8. Textiles: World’s finest textile materials from all over the world, under one roof, is only possible at the Dubai Shopping Festival.
  9. Spices: Do remember to pick up some Arabic spices from stalls while shopping at the Dubai Shopping Festival. The Arabic spices are very well-known for their aroma and are guaranteed to make any meal more appetizing.
  10. Branded Clothes: Wondering whether shopping for clothes at DSF is a wise choice? You will be pleasantly surprised to know that an extensive range of traditional to exclusive designer wears are specially launched for the Dubai Shopping Festival; so grab it before anyone else does!

Dubai Hotel Offers for DSF

Events and Entertainment at DSF 2017

If you thought Dubai Shopping Festival was all about shopping, you could not be more wrong. With an array of cultural and entertainment programs like film screenings, street plays, night-time firework shows, international fashion shows, and other cultural programs, there is something for everyone.

One attraction you must not miss out on is Global Village, the largest seasonal cultural extravaganza of Dubai, which offers visitors an astounding variety of shopping opportunities and entertainment avenues in an open-air theme park.

Global Village timings:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 4pm to 12am
  • Thursday's, Friday’s and Public holidays: 4pm to 1am
  • Monday is a family day (except public holidays)

Global Village Admission Price:

  • Price of General Admission Ticket: AED 15.

Dubai Shopping Festival Offers

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