Eid Night 2017 Extravanganza in Abu Dhabi!

Eid Night 2017 Extravanganza in Abu Dhabi!

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Eid Night 2017 Extravaganza in Abu Dhabi!

A 24-hour Eid-al-Fitr mega sale!

Date: 25-26 June (10 AM to 10 AM)

Venue: Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi

Sprawling beaches, lush oasis, and towering mountains are the key elements where Abu Dhabi competes with its neighbour, Dubai. This Eid, celebrations across the Emirati capital are reasons enough to head to Abu Dhabi, the UAE's largest emirate.

Besides, the capital of United Arab Emirates boasts of an expansive range of shopping centres, the finest of restaurants, and ultra-luxurious hotels that make this city one of the modern hearts of the Middle East.

On Eid night 2017, head to Yas Mall, one of the largest shopping malls of the UAE, where you will literally be wowed by its beautiful entrance, flamboyant interiors, and stores of the world’s biggest, top-notch brands.

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However, don’t mistake shopping to be the sole raison d'être of Yas Mall; there are plenty of entertaining events like dances, music concerts, joy rides and numerous exciting experiences to cherish and enjoy here!

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This Eid-al-Fitr 2017, Yas Mall brings a 24-hour Eid-al-Fitr mega sale, where more than 300 brands are set to offer discounts of up to 90 percent. How exciting is this! You can shop for the biggest of fashion brands, high-end electronics, incredible perfumes, watches, jewellery and still end up saving close to 90 percent of your shopping expenditure!

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Just in case you are wondering what stores are lined-up for your Eid shopping extravaganza; there is the famed Swedish retail outlet Ikea, House of Fraser, Vox Cinemas, Fun Works, Geant, Home Centre and many more… When you’re done shopping to your heart’s content, check out the diverse range of restaurants waiting to be explored. Tantalize your taste buds with cuisines from around the world, or simply revel in a delicious and traditional Emirati meal.

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The Eid-night is set to be vibrant and highly exciting, so make sure you don’t have plans of returning home early! Savour a ride on the UAE’s fastest roller coaster, and head to Town Square get a chance to bag gift cards worth AED 1000-1500 by answering trivia questions.

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While your Eid night definitely deserves to be a memorable affair, make sure your Eid holidays equally memorable! This year, take enjoy a fantastic vacation to Montenegro with your family and friends. An easy visa-on-arrival policy, short duration flights, and breath-taking scenic beauty make Montenegro just the perfect destination for your Eid holidays.

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