Top Music Festivals To Attend In Your Lifetime!

Top Music Festivals To Attend In Your Lifetime!

Top music festival to attend in your lifetime
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Music Festivals are amazingly vibrant, electrifying and soul satiating, as you get a new perspective of admiring a travel destination. Join thousands of locals and travellers alike as you shout your lungs out; with blood pumping through your veins like never before and get into a trance in the ecstatic atmosphere. Make sure that you visit the following amazing, epic music festivals and make memories that last for a lifetime!

rock in rio music festival,brazil
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Rock in Rio (Brazil)

Rock in Rio, as the name suggests, has become synonymous with Rio’s wild partying culture. The event was first held in Rio in 1985, and is now also held in Madrid and Lisbon every alternate years. From 2015, Las Vegas joins the bandwagon and will host a similar rockfest. The festival features electrifying musical acts by renowned bands and musicians along with high energy activities and wild partying. It is certainly an experience of a lifetime to mingle with the electrifying fans and grooving to electronic, house, rock, pop and alternate music.


Glastonbury Music Festival, England
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Glastonbury Music Festival (England)

Quaint meadows and farms of sleepy Glastonbury turn into a bustling and vibrant party spot every year in the last week of June. Despite the typical English summer and heavy downpour, the zest for music take precedence as local and international tourists arrive in heavy numbers to enjoy the star-studded line-up of reputed international stars. Add to it the fun of camping in the beautiful meadows and beautiful rolling grassy hills; and you will get the pure essence of English countryside and amazing musical acts. Glastonbury started in 1970, a day after the demise of iconic rock star Jimi Hendrix with a ticket price of 1 pound and free milk! Since then, Glastonbury has been graced by the likes of Coldplay, U2, Metallica, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and many more internationally acclaimed artist! The footfalls are increasing and tickets are hard to acquire, therefore plan early. Rest assured, you will have an experience of life!

Summerfest music festival, USA
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Summerfest (USA)

Summerfest also known as “The Big Gig” is certainly one of the most famous and popular music festivals of the world. This yearly music festival is held along the lakefront in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The festival lasts for 11 days and has 11 stages which feature close to 700 bands and heavy footfalls make it “The World’s Largest Music Festival”, as certified by the Guinness World Records! The event hosts several genres of music starting from Alternate, Blues, Contemporary, Country, Electronic, Folk, Hard Rock, Metal, Rock, Pock, R&B and many more! Since its inception in 1968, Summerfest has become a global icon.

Exit music festival, serbia
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 Exit Music Festival (Serbia)

A music festival which started as a student campus movement for democratic reforms in Serbia in 2000, has become one of the most popular, reputed and crowd pulling music festivals of Europe. This four day music festival is organised at the picturesque Petrovaradin Fortress on the right back of Danube River in the city of Novi Sad and hosts different music genres of rock, electronica, rhythm and bass, hip-hop, metal, etc. in a highly energetic and passionate festive atmosphere.  There are plenty of activities to take part inside the Exit Village where you can keep yourself entertained and busy. A new found cultural and democratic resurgence and a positive drive to recreate the Serbian culture from the scratch after the disastrous Balkan War has led to a charming and progressive festival.

Summer Sonic music Festival, japan
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Summer Sonic Festival (Japan)

The annual three day music festival which started in 2000 in the city of Osaka and Chiba has become one of the best in the business due to its star-studded acts featuring bands like Green Day, Linkin Park, Coldplay, Arrested Development, Guns N Roses, Limpbizkit and many more. From 2014, Japanese capital city, Tokyo, has started to host the festival in tandem with Osaka and Chiba, making it more attractive for global travellers. The Summer Sonic Festival is not just a music fest; it also showcases Japanese culture, cuisine, art and crafts, music and lifestyle and much more. The Summer Sonic Fest adds a new perspective to Japan as the usual and mechanical cities of Japan look more energetic and vibrant.

The enjoyment of catching your favourite bands play while partying along with thousands of fans in an electrifying atmosphere is an amazing experiences for any music lover. So, in 2015 add a music festival to your travel list. Our best bet is the first edition of Rock in Rio in Las Vegas or opt for the more traditional Glastonbury in the English summer!