The Essentials of Travelling to Germany

The Essentials of Travelling to Germany

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No matter where in the world you are travelling to, there are some basic necessities which you must have. Further, there will be things that are specifically needed based on the place you're visiting, and that is something I learnt on my recent trip to Germany. So what are the essentials for travelling to Germany? Listed below are some personal recommendations:

Summer Travels in Germany are usually sunny.
Summer Travels in Germany are usually sunny.


The most important aspect of travelling somewhere is clothing. As it was my first time visiting Germany, I wasn’t sure of what to pack but it turns out casual clothing is the best way to dress in this great country. The peak time to travel to Germany is from April to October. In this period, the weather is mostly sunny with slight rainfall. It is wise to carry a pair of sunglasses along with a swimsuit if you plan on hitting the pools. However, keep a few dress shirts and denims if you want to check out the clubs at night.

Student Discounts

One of the best things of my trip to Germany were the number of times I was able to avail student discounts at tourist attractions. Almost all the German sight-seeing places offer up to 30 percent student discount to full-time students. I was even able to save a fair portion of my money on their rail services - Thanks to their student discount policies! As long as you have the right documents to show that you're a student and happen to be under the age of 27, you can avail these price cuts.


For starters, if you want to charge any sort of electrical gadget in Germany, you need a two-pinned, rounded, 230-volt, 50-Hertz electrical adapter and converter. I am someone who loves to visit all sightseeing spots in a new country and therefore I always take my camera. I would recommend everyone to carry a camera too, whether it is a disposable or a digital one. You do not want to miss out on capturing the scenic beauty and pictures of yourself. With so many picturesque places to visit, I suggest that you prepare adequately and take multiple memory sticks. If not, it may spoil your trip post few days. Another easy alternative is to carry your laptop, so you can transfer all photos to your machine at the end of the day and prepare the memory stick for next days’ photo-trip!

With such great sights, why won't you use your camera? | Museum Island
With such great sights, why won't you use your camera? | Museum Island


The currency used in Germany is Euro. So if your country is part of the EU, you shouldn’t have a problem dealing with it. If you are from a non-EU country, then fear not! All major international credit and debit cards are accepted in German ATMs. However, it is wise to convert your currency at the airport after you land.

The Most Important

Do not forget to keep your passport and air ticket with you at all times. If you have the passport, the return ticket and money to last two days, you can survive anywhere and safely come back home. Nevertheless, this does not encourage haste in managing important documents on trips. Always maintain a separate folder with hotel bookings, important numbers, bus and air tickets. Keep two passport photographs, just in case.

Germany is an amazing country to travel. If you can stick to the above-mentioned points then you are quite likely to have a smooth time exploring the place just as I did.