Paris and Zurich – The Perfect European Romantic Getaways

Paris and Zurich – The Perfect European Romantic Getaways

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If you are looking to whisk your special someone away on a trip that will ignite the spark again, Europe will do the trick!

No matter how long you have been together, being surrounded by the atmospheric and cobbled streets, historic architecture and world-class dining and culture of Europe will make you swoon for each other once more. Read on for some awesome ideas to enjoy a romantic getaway split between Paris and Zurich, also known as the 'Little Big City'. It will be impossible NOT to fall in love again while exploring these elegant, stylish and magical cities.

The Romantic Delights of Paris

Paris has a long history of being associated with romance and gracefulness. Love flows through this charming city, where couples picnic in the gardens, walk hand-in-hand along the Seine River and talk in the hushed tones over candlelight in tiny wine bars. Furthermore, we should not forget that there are countless other things to see in Paris, all planned and organized for the smitten duos.

Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral and climb the 402 steps within its towers. Listen to the sound of the church bells, see the rainbows of light filtering through the stained glasses and enjoy the spectacular views of Paris.

Wine is a huge part of the French culture, so a wine tasting experience should be a part of your visit in Paris. Step into the old houses' small yet welcoming tasting rooms situated in the Latin Quarter. They offer crash courses in wine appreciation. Spend the day strolling through the streets and checking out the romantic art museums. Paris has some of the best collections of artwork in the world! The Louvre Museum is the first stop and you could spend a week here. There’s so much to explore! Nevertheless, if you can tear yourselves away from the Mona Lisa and the extensive collection of artwork from all over the world at the Louvre, there are also many other museums to discover.

Musee d’Orsay is also worth a visit! This tourist attraction is located within a gorgeous and ornate former railway station that was constructed for the well-known 1900 World Exhibition. It is a stunning Art Nouveau building featuring an awesome collection of Impressionist artworks.

When it's time to stop for lunch, head to a local market for filling your bags with fresh baguettes, cheese, olives and other French treats. Have a picnic on the grass in one of the lovely parks of Paris. The Jardin des Tuileries is a popular place to relax and admire sculptures.

It may seem odd to suggest visiting a cemetery during your romantic trip to Paris, but during at least one of your days here you should pay a visit to Pere Lachaise. It is the largest one in the city and is a lovely peaceful green shaded spot, home to some of the most famous Parisian residents including Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Marcel Proust and Maria Callas. Then, proceed to the artistic quarter of Montmartre. Check out Musée de Montmartre, located within the 17th century manor where great masters such as Valadon and Renoir had their studios. Sit together on the rope swing in the lovely and peaceful garden.

As evening starts to fall, climb the steep staircases and narrow streets up the hillside towards the Sacre Coeur Basilica. You can sit on the steps of this lovely dome and admire the cityscape. Listen to the street performers play guitars as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Treat Yourself in Zurich

Zurich isn’t just a city of banks, but also has a romantic side. Start your trip by climbing the 184 stairs of Grossmünster, tall church originally founded by Charlemagne. The view is simply breathtaking from here!

Take a stroll together around Lake Zurich shoreline at the city's peripheral  area, or rent a paddle boat to glide across the water with swans, or board a boat to sail further in the lake. On a sunny day, the entire social life of Zurich seems to revolve around the sparkling clean waters of the Lake Zurich. You can sunbathe on the shores, charter a yacht or even go on a stand up paddle boarding trip.

Lake Zurich

A lovely neighbourhood to explore is the Old Town area across the River Limmat. In this historic place, you can explore small winding alleyways with tiny shops, bakeries and cobblestones that date back to the Middle Ages. Also, make sure to visit a historic cafe and experience the cafe culture of the city. These tiny and wonderfully decorated shops have always been the place to see and be seen. One of the most famous cafes that you should check out during your time in Zurich is Cafe Schober. The building itself dates back to 1314 and was turned into a coffee shop and confectionery in 1875 by Theodor Schober.

Zurich has a number of swimming pools, which turn into open-air bars and clubs at night. It has lovely cafes and bars that are tucked away in little secret gardens, apt for having a romantic dinner with your special someone. Restaurant Burgli is a great place to go, known for its quiet atmosphere and superb food. The wine list has a great selection from around Europe, so you can find the perfect glass to pair with your food and impress your sweetheart. Another quaint little restaurant and bar for a romantic night out is Neumarkt, which can be found down a narrow cobblestone corridor within a delightful little garden. Spend the evening sharing delicious food and wine and talking about your hopes and dreams for the future.

A Travel Experience to Remember

When it comes to beautiful and romantic cities in Europe, Paris and Zurich are at the top of the list. There is an average of 11 trains per day, making the four-hour journey between the two cities. It is quite convenient to visit them both on one getaway. Take your time and really savor what the cities have to offer. They are the perfect setting to put you and your partner in a romantic mood all over again.

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