Exciting Things to do in Mauritius

Exciting Things to do in Mauritius

Beautiful beaches of sunny Mauritius island

A holiday trip in Mauritius in no less than a dream. I got to live my dream last year, and today I am going to share my insights on things to do in Mauritius to help you vacation better.

The top-most priority has to be beaches and water sports in Mauritius. Belle Mare, La Cuvette and Le Morne are some of the most beautiful beaches Mauritius has got to offer.

The coastline at Belle Mare beach on island Mauritius
Belle Mare beach

Egret Island is a place where I stopped for rest and watched the soothing water.  Water sports like surfing, speedboats, parasailing are all available on the beaches. You can check out adventure parks as well if you’re looking for something more thrilling - Mauritius has plenty of them for exploring!

Kitesurfers on the Le Morne beach in Mauritius
Le Morne beach

To have a strengthened connection with the nature on my trip, I took the hippie road. I explored tea plantations, walked through breezy sugarcane fields, took pictures of myself with the help of the locals! It was like a dream.

The view of a tea plantation in Mauritius
Tea plantation in Mauritius

You know what completed my trip? Not the scenic beauty, not the lots of shopping that I did, or the delicious food I savored, it was the people, who helped me understand the culture of Mauritius, told me stories of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman - that part of my trip to Mauritius easily touched my heart!

A Hindu temple in Mauritius
Kalaisson Temple in Port Louis Mauritius

So, it is strongly advised that you consider Mauritius not as a sight-seeing place only. Mauritius has its own rich history and stories to share if you wish to know them. If you try to get to know the people, you will get to know so many tales which will resonate in your mind long after you have left the place, along the waves lapping at your feet in those pristine beaches.

Sunset at Pereybere bay, Mauritius
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