Mom’s best buddy: Adventurous 3-year-old treks on her daredevil mama’s back

Mom’s best buddy: Adventurous 3-year-old treks on her daredevil mama’s back

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25-year-old mom Morgan Brechler has explored, hiked and conquered hills across USA, Mexico and Hawaii. But she is not alone, though!! Her daughter Hadlie (3) accompanies her all around. Taking mother-daughter bonding to an extreme level, the duo have been doing so since Hadlie was a few months’ old strapped to Morgan’s back. Intriguing, they even have a rock-climbing wall in their house.

In an Exclusive Interview with HolidayMe, Morgan talks about her struggles, her passions and the excitement of doing so with her best buddy, her little kid.

1] To start with, tell us how all this started… Were you as enterprising as a kid?

Yes! You could always find me running around barefoot. I was “one of the boys” growing up. Always filthy, exploring or playing sports with the neighbourhood boys. I started riding horses at a young age and was surprised with my first horse on my birthday. That consumed my life.

2] Tell us something about your family. Has there been a background connect with adventure or related activities from that end?

My family and I have travelled a lot as well – I remember A LOT of vacations and camping trips. My father has always had the travel bug – He and my mother spent a lot of time in the wilderness. They separated when I was young and both remarried. My father and stepmother continue to be quite the adventurer couple. They have been all over the world. For the last few years, they have been travelling around the US in their RV. It is SO inspiring.

3] Take us through your journey till now. What was the motivation or the driving factor behind your continued determination to keep doing this?

I just love to be outside. It doesn’t feel “right” if I spend my free time inside. It’s important to me that Hadlie shares the same love for the outdoors that I do. If children grow up not loving nature and appreciating it, there will be no one to protect it in the future.

4] Let’s talk about Hadlie…she’s so adorable! How enthusiastic is she about all this? And how do you respond to all her tantrums?

Isn’t she, though? She loves being outside! The idea is to actually allow the kids to be kids. Getting dirty, exploring, climbing and everything else. How can a child not be enthusiastic about all of that? She’s a toddler and just like any other toddler she too has some attitude. I like her fire! We talk everything out, I think communication is VERY important. I take her through breathing exercises as well when she is upset.


5] What gave you the courage to take her with you on hikes/treks?

It never took courage, it was just natural. She fits right into the adventure.

6] In most of your photos, we have seen you and Haldie together. So, the question is who’s the person behind all these mind-blowing snaps?

Ah, the man behind the scenes. Yes, of course there is one.

7] Is it always the two of you? Or you do hang out with friends/family/other hikers?

Hadlie and I hardly ever go adventuring just the two of us – I mean so far. As she gets older she and I will have endless amounts of memories and journeys to just us. But we are always with friends and family. We all hang out together so there’s never really a reason to go alone.

8] What have been your best experiences so far? What places have you been to so far?

Honestly, and this is cheesy. But anytime we are all outside together spending time, is amongst the best of my experiences. There’s no way I could pick just one. We mostly just explore Arizona, for now while we have a lot of plans to go a lot of places. I could spend a life time just exploring everything in Arizona and our surrounding states. So we have started there with the exception of some other places further away.

9] You must be a great solo planner. How do you manage your trips? Take us through your typical checklist and planning process?

I am THE MOST ORGANIZED person you will ever meet, but also in this weird way, the most unplanned, unorganized scatter brained person EVER. I have no idea how it all works. I don’t have a checklist. I go over everything mentally 100 times.

10] What remains on your bucket list? Future plans, ambitions, dreams?

Wow, this question! I could go on and on and on and get into some really deep thoughts on this one. So I am going to keep it short and simple. My bucket list is pretty damn full. There is a lot upcoming and I will always be chasing my dreams.


11] What do you think is the most complicated thing that you have done so far?

Haha, becoming a mom. Period.

12] You have become a source of inspiration to mothers across the world. Any words of advice/caution for them?

This is so wild to me! Because I don’t think anyone ever feels like they are “ready” to be considered someone else’s inspiration. I have SO many EPIC families that I follow their journey or am friends with that inspire me so much. It’s crazy to me that people find that same kind of inspiration in my family and me.

Advice: Just get outside.

Caution: Always be prepared.

13] Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I would love to add in what I have upcoming! I have some very exciting things upcoming for 2016. One of the most exciting things is a documentary film, I’m lucky enough to be a part of. Obviously I’m inspired by adventurous mothers, so I’m super excited about a film project I’m working on with fellow moms Brooke, Shannon and filmmaker Aly Nicklas. We’re to explore the topics of adventure, risk and motherhood.

We want to celebrate and inspire women and men, with children or without, to follow their dreams passionately.

We are to begin shooting next month and the film is to be released in 2016.

The name of the film is Born Wild / You can get information from my future posts on Instagram (@morganbrechler) about what will be upcoming and also you can check out our website and facebook or Instagram (@bornwildfilm)

morgan and hadlie

Images sourced from Morgan’s Instagram account and some from her directly.