Experience the enchanting flavours of Saudi food through these 8 dishes!

Experience the enchanting flavours of Saudi food through these 8 dishes!

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Saudi food with its bold flavours is a one-way ticket to food heaven for your taste buds. It is a welcome change from the very spicy or very oily dishes that Middle Eastern food is sometimes known for and offers food lovers a chance to explore new dishes and spice combinations. There is extensive use of whole grains and cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, dates and of course, a lot of meat. Saudi cuisine understandably comprises halal food only, and pork-based products are a strict no-no.

1. Camel Meat – Famous Saudi Dish

Roasted camel meat served with gravy and rice.
One of the most famous Saudi dishes is camel meat, which is roasted or made into kebabs, although there are strict rules for the slaughter of camels. Only if there are no other sources of nourishment and protein, should a camel be slaughtered and cooked. It is forbidden to kill camels just for hunting. Camel meat is available at only very select places, and if in the mood to try it, one must first call and find out if the restaurants serves it or not.

2. Kabsa – Traditional Saudi Arabia Food

Kabsa of chicken with rice and vegetables on a plate
A more easily available Saudi Arabia traditional food is the Kabsa, a fragrant dish of rice, meat, fish, nuts, raisins, spices and vegetables that is an entire meal in itself. It is a popular lunch dish, for locals as well as tourists since the rice has a sort of cooling effect on the body when spending time out in the sun. Most of the Saudi food are prepared keeping in mind the high temperatures outside, so you will be sure to find a lot of cooling elements in the dishes and beverages of Saudi Arabian cuisine.
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3. Mutabbak – Vegetarian Saudi Food

Mutabbak filled with mixture of egg, green onion and minced beef
For the vegetarians, Saudi Arabian cuisine offers delicious options such as the Mutabbak, which is pan-fired bread stuffed with vegetables, cheese, nuts or even chocolate and dates paste. Just ask for yours without the outer egg covering, and it will be a delight for vegetarians. Yes, it can be filled with minced meat as well, and is another popular option.

4. Harees

Harees - Middle Eastern dish of boiled, cracked, or coarsely-ground wheat, mixed with meat.
One of the oldest Saudi dishes is the Harees, which is a thick lentil and grain soup with vegetables and meat added later to the broth. It is a highly sought-after comfort food and was originally a poor man’s meal. It is said that fishermen or labourers would take this food into the desert when they left early in the morning, and it would stay fresh the entire day and provide the men with the required nourishment for their grueling work. The spices that go into making Harees include bay leaves, lime juice, peppercorns and chilis to make the dish a hot-hot affair so that the internal temperature of the body remains low under the sun.

5. Saleeg – The best in Saudi Arabian Cuisine

Saleeg - A Saudi dish
There is another rice-based dish that is part of the Saudi Arabian cuisine, the Saleeg. It is actually a lot like an Italian risotto with the rice being cooked in clarified butter and then milk, and then topped with roasted chicken, lamb or vegetables. Very few spices are used in its preparation, and it is one of the lightest meals that you can have in Saudi Arabia.
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6. Margoog

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One can also try out Margoog, a soupy dish that not only comprises lentils, cereals and meat, but also includes a wheat paste that gives it a sort of smoky and thick flavor and texture.

7. Ferek – A favourite comfort food among Saudis

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Another favorite Saudi Arabia traditional food is the Ferek, a comfort food for the scant winters in Saudi. It is a dish of caramelized onions, with sugar, ginger, spices and bread broken into bits. It is a lot like a dry pudding of sorts and is a hot favorite among kids.

8. Hineni- traditional Saudi dessert

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Another dessert that is a flag bearer for delicious Saudi Arabian cuisine is the Hineni, a traditional Saudi dessert that combines the goodness of dates, butter, flour and spices. This is an entirely blissful combination, creating a rich fragrant creamy texture that you just won’t tire of. Saudi Food, once you get used to the newness of the flavors, is sure to make you want for more!
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