Exploring The Magic of Mongolia Through 15 Pictures

Exploring The Magic of Mongolia Through 15 Pictures

tourist attractions in Mongolia
The stunningly picturesque Gorkhi Terelj National Park
In a world mushrooming with soaring skyrises and endless concrete, it’s unimaginably refreshing to come across a land so rapturously untouched and spectacular as Mongolia! Cradled by the staggering Altai mountains, vast steppes, sprawling valleys, and the clearest and bluest of lakes, this rugged, virgin country can very well be considered as an epitome of true wilderness! Experiences are what make a journey worthwhile. In Mongolia, you can have it all – ride horses across the valley, stay in a traditional ‘yurt’, soak up some contemporary feels in the vibrant capital city of Ulaanbaatar, pump adrenaline with a four-wheel drive through the arid Gobi desert or the endless Mongolian outback, interact with locals who will proudly tell you a thing or two about their fascinating nomadic culture – in Mongolia, the experiences never end! The 15 pictures below, might give you an intense glimpse into the kind of natural beauty, true wilderness, and magic that Mongolia is capable of!

Mongolia Tourism: Summed in 15 beautiful pictures!

Traditional Yurts or Ger (in Mongolian)

Mongolia tourism
A traditional Mongolian Yurt (Ger)
Yurts, or "ger" as they're referred to in Mongolia, are traditional forms of dwellings that have been used in Central Asia for thousands of years, by nomads who are constantly on the move, in search of greener pastures for their livestock.
Mongolia tourism
A humble ger amidst a scenic forest backdrop
Gers are an important part of Mongolian heritage and culture, with over half of the country's population still living in these round, cylindrical, portable tents, that can be moved around easily. These huts are made up of circular wooden frames consisting of latticework and bamboo poles, which are later covered with felt or animal skin. Most doors of a ger face south, to obstruct the harsh north-easterly winds flowing in from the Siberian steppes.
Pictures of Mongolia
Modern day Mongolian Ger camps with solar panels and TV satellites
Though life in a ger might not be the most luxurious and comfortable, technology has blessed most modern-day gers with solar panels, powering cell phones and television sets.

Ulaanbaatar - the Capital City

Places to see in Mongolia
Beautiful contrasts shaping life in Mongolia's capital city - Ulaanbaatar
Mongolia's capital city, Ulaanbaatar is an intriguing city with mesmerising contrasts - a surreal countryside alongside a vibrant commercial hub; suited businessmen alongside deel-clad (traditional Mongolian clothing) nomads fresh off the steppes; or be it the zen-like countryside alongside a maddening nightlife in the capital city!

Gorkhi Terelj National Park

tourist attractions in Mongolia
The stunningly picturesque Gorkhi Terelj National Park
Around 50-odd kilometers northeast of Ulaanbaatar, sits the incredibly pretty Gorkhi Terelj National Park, speckled with an even incredible alpine scenery, comprising beautiful forests, rivers, and rock formations. This park is a great place to haunt, if you're game for horse-riding, rafting, hiking, swimming, and rock-climbing. The winter months call for great skiing and dog-sledding opportunities.

Orkhon Valley

places to see in Mongolia
The sprawling Orkhon Valley
Taking up the central part of Mongolia, southeast of Ulaanbaatar, lies the magical Orkhon Valley. Listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site, the valley has been home to numerous nomadic tribes over the centuries, and pretty much stands out as the centre or hub of Nomadic Culture in Mongolia. Whether you explore the place on horseback, or hike the valleys, this is the best place to come to, to discover nomadic Mongolia. Looking for something more offbeat? Try exploring Moldova!

Khovsgol Lake

Khovsgol Lake, Mongolia
Khovsgol Lake - the ultimate communion of Blue and Green
The second largest lake in Mongolia, the serene and surreal Khovsgol Lake offers some of the best experiences one can wish for, while in Mongolia.
Mongolia tourism
Beautiful tourist huts by the lake
Often said to be one of Mongolia's most attractive and appealing destinations, and how! We saw these pictures, and we got our answers. It is indeed, insanely pretty! Giving you the lake feels of Alaska or probably Canada, here you'll witness an endless carpet of pine trees, opening up to sprawling meadows peppered with grazing herds and blooming flowers.
Camping in Mongolia
Camping along Lake Khovsgol
Khovsgol Lake is aptly referred to as the "blue pearl of Mongolia". This destination is perfect if you're craving for that raw connection with nature, spending your days hiking, horseback riding, or just camping by the lake while making some major memories.
tourist attractions in Mongolia
A solitary wooden cabin by the lake! Living here would be a dream - cabin with a view!
Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia
Majestic Mongolian horses grazing on the meadow, bu the lake
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Hunting with the Golden Eagles in Mongolia

Hunting with the golden eagles, Mongolia
Hunters pose with their beautiful Golden Eagles.
Hunting with eagles is a traditional form of hunting, popular across the Eurasian steppes. As a practice, the golden eagles that live high up in the Altai Mountains are captured when they're old enough to hunt, domesticated, fed with hand, and trained to hunt. The tribes are then known to take the eagles along for hunting - the eagles scan the valleys for foxes and other prey, which they later fly down and catch, and then bring it to their master. Out of all this, the most fascinating element remains the bond between the hunters and their eagles. The eagles live with the hunters families for years, and are treated with love and warmth.

Aryabal Buddhist Temple, Mongolia

places to visit in Mongolia
The picturesque Aryabal Buddhist Temple
Hidden away in the Gorkhi Taranj National Park, lies the Aryabal Buddhist Temple, surrounded by tree groves and winding rivers. Built in the shape of an elephant's head, there are 108 stairs leading up to the temple, symbolizing the elephant's trunk. If you're seeking some spirituality and relaxation, head here to meditate and bust stress, amidst the most magical setting one could ask for.

Following the Milky Way, across the Mongolian skies

Milkyway in Mongolia
Beautiful night sky in Mongolia
Mongolia will bless you with some of the most amazing milky-way photo-ops! Watch the sky light up with billions of shimmering stars and constellations, while you stare in disbelief at the midnight sky!

The Gobi Desert

tourist attractions in Mongolia, Gobi desert in Mongolia
A wild horse running along the vast steppes preceding the golden dunes of the Gobi Desert.
Carpeting most of Southern Mongolia, the Gobi desert is a sprawling, mystical stretch, where dinosaurs once roamed - the Gobi desert is one of the world's richest sources of dinosaur fossils!
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