Family Holidays in Switzerland

Family Holidays in Switzerland


Switzerland was famous as a romantic getaway for quite some time, but over the years, planning family holidays in Switzerland has become popular too, since the country is as good as a big and beautiful playground! There’s so much natural beauty, stunning views, museums and outdoor activities that Switzerland has to offer that it will completely win you and your kids over! We’ll take you through some of the popular Swiss cities and their top attractions, to help you plan an unforgettable family vacation in Switzerland.


An aerial view of Zurich
An aerial view of Zurich

Zurich is the largest city and the best place to plan family vacation in Switzerland.

  • Lake Zurich offers cruises, pedal boat rides and the promenade with tree-lined pavements and benches is perfect for swan-viewing.
  • The Zurichhorn park has a huge playground and a swimming beach.
  • The Old Altstadt or City has many heritage buildings, wooden toy shops, parks, playgrounds, vintage carousels and cathedrals to see.
  • Zurich also has many museums to interest all age groups in your family.


The beautiful city of Basel
The beautiful city of Basel

Basel is a beautiful city with many activities to do while planning any family holiday in Switzerland.

  • The Rhine River which flows through the city offers not only a beautiful view but also cruises on wooden motor-less boats, and ferry rides. The river promenade is lined with many historical buildings and monuments.
  • Basel is full of many interesting museums like the Paper Mill & Museum, Toy Museum, Historical Museum and many more.
  • From Basel, you can also plan a day trip to Riehen, a charming town with an interesting toy museum.
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Central & North East Switzerland

The city centre of Lucerne with the renowned Chapel Bride and Lake Lucerne
The city centre of Lucerne with the renowned Chapel Bride and Lake Lucerne

These areas have many sought-after attractions that are a must-visit while planning for family holidays in Switzerland.

  • Schaffhausen – a charming medieval town with attractions like the old city and Munot Castle.
  • Rhine fall – the largest waterfall in Europe is accessible from here. Rhine Fall can be reached via a boat cruise or on a charming Rhyfall Express tram which offers great views of the area.
  • Lucerne is home to the beautiful Lake Lucerne. There are boat rides, cruises, parks and swimming in the lake. The old city and the Swiss Transport Museum are most visited in the town.
  • Day trips to Mount Pilatus are most sought-after as there are lots of hiking trails, Zip lining, high wires, Toboggan rides and cable way rides.
  • The Titlis Glacier Park & Cave is easily accessible from this city. The glacier is cold and snowy even in summers.


The old town of Berne covered with white snow in the winter season
The old town of Berne covered with white snow in the winter season

According to the legend, Berne got its name after a bear. The capital has many attractions within making it a good place to plan family holidays in Switzerland.

  • The Bear Park is one amongst the main attractions, where one can see bears fishing, swimming and roaming around freely.
  • The Ballenberg Open Air Museum, The Natural History Museum, Museum of Communication and Creaviva Children’s Museum are among the many museums in Berne.
  • Other adventure activities include boating on Lake Burgaschi, Emmantel Dairy Show, activities in Rope park, Summer Toboggan Run etc.


The spectacular view from the observation deck in Lucerne
The spectacular view from the observation deck in Interlaken

Interlaken is the place from where the journey to Jungfrau begins.

  • The train ride till the top of the glacier, the observatory and the scenic views of Jungfrau are outstanding. In the city is the Jungfrau Park which has many rides and play areas for kids.
  • Lake Brienz, Lake Thun and Aare River have boating, swimming, many parks and other activities like rafting, cruises, cycling and hiking along their banks.
  • The city is surrounded by many forests and the best are the Heimwehfluh Walk and Kleiner Rugen.

Family-friendly Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Another major reason why Switzerland is a popular choice for family vacations is because it is home to some of the most stunning ski resorts in the world – a lot of which are family friendly, offering daycare, beginner slopes, snowboarding opportunities and many other activities to keep your young ones busy and happy!

So if you’re geared up for a family ski adventure, look no further! Some Swiss ski resorts that you can blindly choose from include Grindelwald in Bernese Oberland, Klosters near Davos, St. Moritz (which is also one of the best ski schools in Switzerland), or Zermatt (every skier’s dream, offering sunning views of the Matterhorn).

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