Fancy A Greek Holiday? Check Out The Best Time To Visit Greece...

Fancy A Greek Holiday? Check Out The Best Time To Visit Greece Here!

Best time to visit Greece
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From the centre of the ancient Greek civilization, Athens, to the romantic island of Santorini, Greece uniquely balances its past, present, and future in a way that will definitely leave you surprised. Greece, still dominated by 5th-century landmarks, and endowed with white-sand, palm-fringed beaches, inhabitant islands, and towering mountains, presents a perfect combination of stunning historic sites and natural beauty. Summer is the best time to visit Greece, to relish its idyllic beaches, romantic islands like Santorini, and great party resorts like Mykonos and Corfu. Check-out HolidayMe’s detailed guide on the best time to visit Greece!

Best time to visit Greece - June to August

windmills,island Mykonos,Greece
windmills,island Mykonos,Greece
The best time to visit Greece is during May to August, when soaring temperatures make the weather pleasantly warm to either explore the fascinating ancient Greek ruins, or just lounge on the sun-kissed beaches.

Visiting Greece in the months from April to May and September to October

Banner Warm weather starts creeping in by mid-May, while the cold starts setting in by late October. So from mid-May to June, and from September to late October, it is the perfect time to visit Greece, when the accommodation prices drop by 20%, as compared to the months of June to August.

Greece in the months from November to March

Sunset-at-Oia-Fira Temperatures drop and some parts of the country get covered with snow, but accommodation and internal transport prices drop by 50%. Greece is a popular place for winter sports during this period. Mount Helmos, Mount Menalo, Mountain Pranassos and many more winter sport sites are very popular among tourists. Winter sports in Greece are known to be more adventurous and exciting as compared to other winter sport sites of Europe.

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