9 Fascinating Things To Know Before Visiting Yerevan!

9 Fascinating Things To Know Before Visiting Yerevan!

Armenia’s capital city, Yerevan, boasts of many things - beautiful architecture, quaint cobbled alleys, bustling cafes and restaurants that serve finger-licking good Armenian food. One captivating fact about the city is that it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world! Yerevan has a history that dates back to the 8th century! And if you are keen on visiting this little Armenian gem, here are:

9 fascinating things to know before visiting Yerevan:

The colourful Armenian Dram notes

1. You can shop for money in Yerevan

In Yerevan, you can exchange currency not just at banks but at supermarkets as well! Supermarket chains like SAS will assist you with exchanging your Dollars, Euros, Pounds or AEDs for Armenian Dram.

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The Ararat Cognac Museum

2. You can muse at Yerevan's many museums

Yerevan plays host to over 50 museums! Some must-visit ones include the interesting History Museum of Armenia, the heart-wrenching Armenian Genocide Museum, the archaeological Erebuni Museum and the intoxicating Ararat Cognac Museum.
Barrels at the Yerevan Brandy Company

3. You can gulp down some smooth cognac!

Yerevan is home to a production unit of Armenia’s national drink, the famous Ararat cognac!  The Yerevan Brandy Company located in the city is a must-visit for all cognac enthusiasts.

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Cute little traditional Armenian dolls at the Yerevan Vernissage

4. You can shop at a huge, open-air, arts market

Yerevan is home to a beautiful open-air art and handicrafts market known as the Yerevan Vernissage. To shop for some traditional Armenian artwork such as handmade dolls, rugs, paintings, pottery, wood carvings, crockery, jewellery as well as travel souvenirs, head over to this market.
The Yerevan Opera Theatre

5. You can dress up like a royal for the opera!

Opened in 1933, the Yerevan Opera Theatre puts up fantastic, world class shows for its visitors. And although the theatre does not have a strict dress code, Yerevan denizens love to dress up for their night out at the opera. And we recommend you do the same. Leave your jeans and t-shirts behind and bring on the ball gowns and tuxedos.

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Beautiful interiors of the Yeritasardakan metro station

6. You can be awestruck by the art at the subway stations!

Yerevan subway stations are beautiful! 10 in number, every single one of these 10 stations have been elaborately decorated- either with sculptures or paintings or both. These Yerevan subway stations are definitely a sight for sore eyes!
The picturesque Mount Ararat overlooking the pretty 'Pink City'

7. You can visit Yerevan for a pink hued vacation

Yerevan is known as Armenia’s Pink City. Many of the city’s prominent buildings, mostly located in the Kentron district, have been built using locally available volcanic rock that has hues of pink in it, thus leaving the city in a pink glow.
A few of the several water fountains you will find in Yerevan

8. You will never be thirsty in Yerevan! 

When the gorgeous city of Yerevan commemorated its 2,750th anniversary, it went all out and installed 2,750 drinking water fountains for its residents.
The stunning Yerevan Cascade

9. You will have no visa woes

UAE citizens listen up! Here’s some exciting information - you do not require a visa to visit Yerevan, Armenia! What’s stopping you now? Just book this awesome holiday package to Yerevan and enjoy your Armenian vacation to the fullest!

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Do you have any suggestions of experiences to have in Yerevan? Do let us know in the comments section so that future travelers will benefit from it. Thank you 😊
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