Father’s Day Special: 6 cool trips to take with your daddy dearest

Father’s Day Special: 6 cool trips to take with your daddy dearest

Father’s Day is near and many of you will be planning to shower him with gifts, cakes, and flowers. How about doing things little differently this time? Instead of buying him a watch, camera, or an expensive smart phone, why not take him on his dream vacation? Out of the many, try to tick off one destination from his travel bucket list and make this trip worth remembering for him and you! From bungee jumping to catching a fish or two, here are ways to bond with your 'Daddy Cool'!

Take your pick from these 6 coolest trips.

1. Explore the Forbidden City of China

The out of the world view of Crescent Lake - best fathers day getaways
Chinese Dunhuang Crescent Lake

If your father loves history and ancient architecture, don't think twice - just book yourselves a flight to China. The Forbidden City, a sprawling palace complex in central Beijing, covering and area of closely 2.6 million square feet with 800 buildings and expansive palaces, is a must-see. The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the Temple of Heaven, the Terracotta Warrior Museum, and Dunhuang Crescent Lake are other key places that will surely interest your dad. And yes, of course, visit the Great Wall of China (that goes with saying).

2. Visit the thrilling fjords of Norway

The scenic beauty of Norway - fathers day trips
Lofoten Islands
Norway is beautiful in its entirety! Take your dad on a cross-country road trip and explore the scenic countryside and awe-inspiring modern architecture of stunning Norwegian cities. A nation with over 1000 fjords, a visit to the fjords will be the top thing to do on your father's list. Make his wish come true by checking out some of the best fjords of Norway; Romsdalsfjord, Sognefjord, Nordfjord, and Hardangerfjord are a few must-see fjords with spectacular views. In true sense, this is going to be one of the coolest trips to take with your dearest dad

Check out some amazing images of Norway

3. Take a hike in California 

An epic road trip in USA - father's day gifts
Yosemite National Park
If your dad happens to be a hiking enthusiast, then, the picturesque Yosemite National Park of California will make him love you even more. Strengthen your bond as you go along exploring the great outdoors of the great state of America. Majestic waterfalls, humongous granite cliffs, and gigantic sequoia trees - this national park is an ideal place for biking, rock climbing, camping and many more adventure activities, and offers plenty of terrific photo opportunities.

4. Go fishing in Costa Rica

The shores of Costa Rica -  Trip with father Nothing comes close to fishing when its a matter of spending quality time with your dad. Fresh or saltwater, there is no dearth of a good catch when it comes to Costa Rica! All the seasons are ideal for fishing, as the water is calm most time of the year in this angler’s paradise. It's important to note that a fishing licence is required for the activity, however, it is can be easily purchased at a reasonable cost.

5. Paragliding in New Zealand

Parasailing in New Zealand If your father is in his pink of health, take him out for an adventure of his lifetime. New Zealand is 'the' place to bring out the adventure junkie in you. See your dad gliding over the scenic town of Queenstown, admiring the snow-kissed peaks and turquoise blue lake. Known as the 'Mecca of paragliding', you are rest assured that your dad is flying with the experts. Glacier hiking, bungee jumping, swimming with the dolphins, sky diving, zip lining and many more of such adrenaline pumping activities await you and your dad!

6. Catch the Aurora in Finland

The iconic Northern Lights
Last but definitely not the least, a trip to the magical land of Finland is a must, to see the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. The best season to witness this natural phenomenon is between mid-August until early April. So plan accordingly and go hunting for the Aurora and turn this trip worth remembering for years to follow! While travelling to Finland, make time to sleep in the glass igloo, take a ride on a reindeer cart, go skiing in Levi, or just enjoy a stroll in the old wooden towns - whatever you choose to do, make it count!

Experience the utopia called Finland

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