With most of the world basking in sunshine and relatively good weather, the month of May is a fascinating melting pot of events, festivals, parties, and everything in between! Now is your chance to take on May, as you get set to explore the myriad events that bring this amazing month to life, worldwide! Have a look at our list of the top 5 events to check out in May!

1. Cinco de Mayo, Mexico

When: 5th May The Mexicans sure are a jovial lot, and the best time to witness their vigour has got to be Cinco de Mayo! A massive fun riot, Cinco de Mayo is a festival that celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over the French, on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla. Translating into “fifth of May” in Spanish, every year, Cinco de Mayo grips Mexico, as the entire country, especially the region of Puebla erupts in a tirade of street carnivals, music performances, military parades, and recreations of the Battle of Puebla, amongst other festive events.

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2. Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand

When: 19th May When it comes to beach parties, this event, my friends, is the mother of all. A party that does not stop throbbing all night, Thailand’s Full Moon Parties are hedonism at its peak! An endless white-sand beach, the lustrous sheen of a full moon sky, unlimited booze, the stunning island of Ko Pha Ngan, thousands of night revellers swaying to the tunes of R&B, dance, reggae, and psychedelic trance – parties can’t get any crazier than this!

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3. Festa dei Serpari (Festival of snakes), Cocullo, Italy

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When: 2nd May Every year, on the first Thursday of May, the sleepy town of Cocullo in Italy celebrates the unique Festival of Snakes. Dating back to the Middle ages, the Festa dei Serpari is celebrated by covering the statue of San Domenico, a 10th Benedictine monk who, it is believed, used to cure people of snake bites, with live snakes. This statue is then taken out on a procession from the church throughout town.

4. Prague Spring International Festival, Prague, Czech Republic

When: 12th May to 4th June Do you love music? Do you love classical music? Do you love attending classical music concerts? Do you love Prague? Do you love life? Great! It’s time to book your tickets to Prague! Born in the year 1946, the Prague Spring International Festival is the most epic and massive Czech festival celebrating classical music. Taking up almost the entire month of May, this festival brings together top orchestras, soloists, as well as opera and theatre groups from around the world, and is held in various halls spread across the breath-taking city of Prague.

5. Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France

When: 12th to 25th May If you’re a movie buff, nothing gets better than combining your film fetish with a dash of travel! Visit Cannes, France, 12th May on wards, to catch up with the greatest annual film festival out there – the Cannes Film Festival! Initiated in 1946, the Cannes Film Festival is one the planet’s most prestigious film festival, and previews films of all possible genres, along with documentaries, from across the globe. The month of May is also a great times to explore the myriad alleys, monuments, mesmerizing landscapes, and lush vineyards of France!

6. Cooper’s Hill Cheese racing, Gloucester, UK

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When: 27th May Taking place on the last Monday in May, the Cooper’s Hill Cheese racing is as wacky and as fun as its name suggests! The competition rules are simple- a wheel of cheese is rolled down a steep hill, people have to run down this said hill and try to catch the cheese before it reaches the bottom…End of rules! Injuries are bound to occur, but it does not stop hundreds of people from participating in this race.

7. Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, Monaco

When: 23rd to 26th May With its sizzling beaches and larger-than-life hedonistic vibes, Monaco is the last destination you need an excuse to visit! Nevertheless, if you need one, that too during the month of May, the Monaco Grand Prix is pretty much up your alley. Running since the year 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix is a Formula One race held annually at the Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Known as one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world, witnessing the Monaco Grand Prix is your way to get the best of sport and travel! All set to witness these 7 popular festivals and events happening in May 2019? We wish you all the fun in the world!
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