Five Days of Fun in Singapore

Five Days of Fun in Singapore

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Day 1

As soon as we checked into our hotel and settled down, my parents and I headed to Jurong Bird Park. I expected the drive from our hotel to the bird park to be at least half an hour, but surprisingly, the drive was only about 15 minutes long. That’s one perk of Singapore being small— you don’t waste time commuting from one place to another. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to spending half a day looking at different kinds of birds as I don’t really enjoy bird parks and sanctuaries. But Jurong Bird Park was a completely different experience. It isn’t your ordinary bird sanctuary. It’s clean (obviously, it’s located in Singapore), has a wide variety of birds living there whom you are actually able to see, the bird park offers more than just birds flying everywhere, it allows you to interact with some of the birds by feeding them and also has bird shows every now and then. First, we went to see the Lories. It was quite refreshing to see birds actually approach you instead of flying away. It was quite shocking when the Lories sat on my arms, but in a few minutes it became extremely enjoyable. If you’re holding a cup of nectar (which is available at the Lory Loft), you’ll definitely become popular amongst those brightly coloured, friendly birds. In all honesty, this is one of the best experiences I had in Singapore. The Lory Feeding experience is absolutely great and shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is visiting the park.

 Greater Flamingoes

After having a fabulous time feeding the Lories, we visited Parrot Paradise, the Pelican Cove and the Flamingo Lake. The Penguin Coast was really interesting. Over there, we got to see different kinds of penguins swimming all over and interacting with each other. I found them to be quite fascinating. After that, we watched a show called High-Flyers Show, which featured some of the most beautiful as well as intelligent birds. My favourite part of the show was when Amigo, a Yellow-Naped Amazon spoke three different languages. It was quite amusing and was really hilarious. After the show, we visited a few more exhibits and wandered through the souvenir stores. By about 2 PM, we left the bird park and headed back to our hotel to take rest. Since we had quite an eventful day, we decided not to venture out far in the evening. We took a stroll around Little India and found a cosy little South Indian restaurant to dine at. We ordered a very famous dish called Fish-head curry, one of Singapore’s specialities (besides Laksa, of course). At first, I didn’t want to taste this dish as I didn’t like the sound of it, but my parents told me that I had to as it was really delicious, and they turned out to be absolutely right. While in Singapore, you must try this amazing delicacy as it tastes incredible. After dinner, we headed back to our hotel, exhausted and called it a night.

Singapore Zoo entrance
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Day 2

After a satisfying breakfast at the hotel, my parents and I headed straight to Singapore Zoo. In my opinion, Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. The exhibits are great and are worth seeing. Besides the exhibits, there are animal shows too. Just like the High-Flyers Show at Jurong Bird Park, the animals of the zoo are part of shows that depict how intelligent the animals are. These shows are truly fascinating and are really great to watch. After the show, we decided to look at some of the animal exhibits. It was really great seeing animals like Tapir Monkeys and White Tigers. Another brilliant thing about the zoo is that the animals aren't in cages. They have their own areas of land on which they are allowed to freely roam around.

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After seeing some of the most exotic animals at Singapore Zoo, we made our way back to our hotel. In the evening, we decided to try some local food, and so we took the MRT (which is easy to use and very convenient) to town, and sat at one of the local restaurants. Over there, we tried Singapore’s specialty, ‘Chicken-Rice’, which was absolutely delicious. After a fabulous dinner, we roamed around the town for a bit and then decided to head back to our hotel.

National Orchid Garden Singapore

Day 3

After 2 days of a lot of walking, we decided to do something really relaxed. Therefore, we took a bus tour of Singapore. This tour took you all over Singapore in just 3 hours! We got to see the main commercial area of Singapore, the temples, the shopping areas as well as the world-famous Merlion. We also visited the NEWater Visitor Centre, which is an education centre that teaches visitors about water sustainability. I really enjoyed the tour at the NEWater Visitor Centre, as it was extremely informative. After the bus tour, we headed to Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is a very beautiful national park. Over there, we saw dozens of different species of exotic plants and flowers. Some of the species were carnivorous by nature!

Formal Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens

After wandering through the botanic gardens, we headed back to our hotel. In the evening, we headed out again, and ate our dinner at a local restaurant. Over there, we ate another Singaporean specialty called ‘Laksa’. This dish was really, really delicious and we enjoyed it very much. After dinner, we visited the roadside stores in Little India. Some of the things at these stores were quite fascinating, but were not worth buying. After roaming around Little India for a while, we decided it was time to go back to our hotel and rest. Day 3 was a great day as we got to see so many things in Singapore without exerting too much!

Sentosa Island Entrance

Day 4

Day 4 was a day full of fun. Well, it was because we visited the famous Sentosa Island. Imbiah Lookout, which is located near Mount Imbiah on Sentosa, has eleven great attractions that never bore anyone. For example, Luge is one of the most thrilling rides I have ever been on. After enjoying Luge, you have the chance to take a Skyride and enjoy the scenic view of Sentosa Island, the South China Sea and the Singapore City Skyline. The Skyride was really wonderful and very relaxing. After that, we watched a 4D show which was very entertaining.

Sentosa Island1

Next, we visited the Sentosa Merlion. We spent the rest of the day wandering around Imbiah Lookout and we also visited the other attractions there. As soon as the sun set, we went for a show called ‘Songs of the Sea’ which is a show of laser lights, water, a little bit of fire and of course, song. It was truly incredible and could be compared to Disneyland’s firework show. I really enjoyed ‘Songs of the Sea’ as it was a completely different experience. After the show, it was time to leave the island. After we left, we ate a local Singaporean restaurant where we devoured the popular ‘Chicken-Rice’ and ‘Laksa’. After dinner, it was time to head back to our hotel for a good night’s rest.

Orchard Road
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Day 5

We dedicated this day to shopping—just shopping. Singapore is a great place to shop. Right from the big fashion brands on Orchard Street to the cheap electronics at Mustafa, Singapore has it all. For breakfast that day, we ate an eatery called Strictly Pancakes. It enjoyed myself there and had a very satisfying breakfast. After breakfast, we first took a walk down Orchard Street where I got to shop at some of my favourite brands. After that we headed to Bugis Village for some more shopping. According to me, the Cotton On Factory Outlet in Tampines is really great and worth your time. Singapore is also an incredible place for stationary. ‘Typo’ and ‘Paperstone’ sell really different but fun stationary items. After an entire day dedicated to just shopping, we decided to head back to our hotel to pack our bags. Day 5 was a great day as I got to do one of my favourites things—shop!

Lavender Food Square-Singapore
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Below is a list of other things that could be done in Singapore:

If you’re a foodie, you must visit these eateries-

Coast and Company

The Providore

Flee Away Café

40 Hands



Pita Pan (A hit with vegetarians)


The local specialities include Butter Kaya Toasts and Potong Ice Cream.

If you’re a cat lover, you must visit the Cat Café in Bugis. At that café, you get the chance to enjoy a beverage and relax with a number of cats roaming all around that are dying for your attention!

If you’re a party animal, you could have a fabulous evening at Clarke Quay, Ku De Ta, Bang Bang, Mushi Mushi (this place is great if you love Bollywood music) and Zouk.

If you’re a nature lover, you could visit Gardens By the Bay and Cloud Dome. You could also go trekking to the South Ridge.

East Coast Park Beach and Siloso Beach are also great places to relax at. They are the perfect places to relax on those lovely beach chairs and enjoy a refreshing cocktail or two and also marvel at the scenic view.

Singapore is the perfect place to go to for a short vacation as it has everything right from theme parks to national parks! It has hundreds of restaurants and wonderful places to shop at. Singapore is a small country spread over 716 square kilometres, but has a million things to offer!