Food and Drinks in Armenia: The Complete Guide on What to Eat...

Food and Drinks in Armenia: The Complete Guide on What to Eat & Where!

Armenian dishes are delicious.
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Armenia is a landlocked country in the Caucasus region. Located at the crossroads of Asian and Europe, this country has a rich history that goes beyond the recorded history age. The country’s food and beverages reflect the history and the traditional elements. Armenians cuisine can perhaps trace its origins and roots way back, almost 2000 years. It has elements and influences from the Mediterranean Cuisine and Eastern European elements. Armenian food makes uses of vegetables, various spices, herbs, meats, fruits and fish.

Armenian Cuisine

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Meat is used abundantly in Armenian cuisine, and the most famous preparations across the country include a variety of poultry dishes, shashlik (locally known as Khorovats), and more. Some of the most well-known meat dishes are Kyufta (tender meat balls boiled in broth), Dolma (stuffed grape leaves), Borani (fried chicken with aubergines), Tisvzhik (fried beef cooked with onion, tomato paste, salt and pepper), Bastyrat (strips of boiled beef). For vegetarians, Borscht, a traditional vegetable soup, is sheer delight.

Armenian Beverages

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Armenia’s cognac is world renowned. It matches the standards of French and Italian cognacs and wine. The world-renowned cognac brands are “Ararat”, “Great Valley”, “Mane” and “Armenika”. Armenia grows six varieties of grapes for its wine. Perfect climatic conditions allow Armenia to produce unique desert and “sherry” wines. Armenian vodka, “Artsakh” is a highly popular and strong drink produced from the classic white mulberry and other berries. Sour milk, Matsun is a popular fermented milk product that has health benefits. Coffee is widely consumed and appreciated in the country. Armenians prepare coffee in a pot on live embers or red-hot sand. The taste of the coffee is very strong with a thick dark colour and is often served with a glass of ice water.

Armenian Restaurants

Most of Armenia’s remarkable restaurants is focused around the capital, Yerevan. Few famous and popular restaurants are Dolmama, Kovkas Tavern, Mer Taghe, The Club, Cactus, Old Erivan, Café La Boheme, and Malkhas Jazz Club among others. Tourists from Middle East countries can also enjoy halal food in the country’s capital. However, halal restaurants are very limited in numbers and mostly in the country’s capital, Yerevan. Some of the halal restaurants are Liban, Taboule Lebanese Restaurant, Jaco Cafe Restaurant and Arya Restaurant Yerevan.