Amazing Food And Drinks In Seychelles

Amazing Food And Drinks In Seychelles

Amazing food in Seychelles
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The gastronomic scene of Seychelles sees a significant influence of African, French, British, Indian and Chinese cuisines. The abundant supply of different types of underwater species dominates the cuisine along with locally available ingredients, including tropical fruits and vegetables. Use of spices such as ginger, lemongrass, coriander, chillies and tamarind is rampant and results in refined tastes of tangy, sweet, rich and spicy combinations.

Attractive uses of spices in Seychelles food

HolidayMe_food-and-drinks-in-seychelles1_516683971Seychelles cuisine is all about attractive flavours and fragrance due to the generous use of spices and herbs in cooking. The country used to be a major producer of spices for the British Colonial Empire in the past. Today, the use of chillies, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, coriander and lemongrass brings flavour and fragrance to the meals apart from preparing condiments like chutneys, pickles, salad dressings. Cinnamon is also widely used in preparing the desserts by fusing with sugar, vanilla essence, banana, coconut milk, saffron, nutmeg, etc.

Local Ingredients play a key role in Seychelles food

HolidayMe_food-and-drinks-in-seychelles2_349909667Seychellois love to use fresh ingredients and locally sourced vegetable, fish and meat directly from farm gardens and fish boats. The raw fish is often served with chutney and cooked vegetables of pumpkin, green mangoes or eggplant. Coconut and breadfruits are used as traditional bases for several Seychellois culinary dishes. Locally available ingredients are Aubergines, avocados, vegetables and seafood varieties.

Delicious seafood in Seychelles

HolidayMe_food-and-drinks-in-seychelles3_540492442Seychelles offers variety of seafood that will surely tickle the taste buds of hardcore foodies and tourists alike. The opportunity to savour seafood like shark, barracuda, parrot fish, kingfish, along with squid, octopus, grouper, red snapper, turtle meat and jack fish is a dream come true. These dishes are accompanied by fresh salads of chicken, gratin of palm heart and papaya flowers, condiments and served with rice. Red snapper is served grilled with ginger and garlic with salad, vegetables and rice. Tuna and King Fishes are used in delicious steaks grilled in garlic butter and served with creole sauce made of tomatoes, onions, green bell pepper and cayenne pepper. Octopus is prepared into Zourit, a creamy curry.

Savour the tropical fruits in Seychelles

HolidayMe_food-and-drinks-in-seychelles4_152267447A large variety of tropical fruits are available in Seychelles. Most of these delicious and seasonal tropical fruits are used attractively as salads, appetizers, juices, desserts and light snacks. Bananas are widely available along with grapefruit, oranges and limes. Apart from these, mangoes, pineapples, jackfruit, papaya, custard apples are also widely available. Do try Jamalac, a cone shaped fruit that tastes like an apple.

Try the local Seychellois beverages

Coconut water and fresh fruit juices are widely available in the country. Do try the locally produced palm wine or Calou, an alcoholic beverage made from coconut sap. This drink is also used in the preparation of several Seychellois culinary dishes. Don’t forget to sample the Bacca, a local beverage produced from sugarcane liquor and is extensively used for ceremonial events. Coco d’Amour is a tropical coconut liquor made of coconut extract and is quite strong. Sample local beers like Ekyu and Seybrew. Fine quality wines are widely available in restaurants as well.

Top Restaurants in Seychelles:

Café des Arts for taking the experience of eating at a restaurant to a whole new level. The candles, the breeze, and the paintings are a delight in themselves, and set the mood for a romantic evening, just right! Marie-Antoinette for feasting on delectable ‘Seychellois-special’ sea-food dinner in a mansion. This is an experience you cannot afford to miss. Boat House for the best Creole food in the region. With over 20 scrumptious dishes on offer, you’ll be coming back for more, till you have them all.