Foodie Hub of Taiwan – 7 Best Places to try halal food...

Foodie Hub of Taiwan – 7 Best Places to try halal food in Taipei!

Imagine slurping the yummiest noodles, or snacking on some beef fry with rice dumplings - Taiwanese cuisine couldn’t be far from your mind if you’re planning a Taiwan vacation! Taipei, the modern metropolis, is the center of Taiwanese cuisine. Halal food in Taipei is easy to get - from street food to Muslim-friendly fine dining restaurants, Taipei has it all, and what’s best is that it is all available with halal certification as well. Here’s a look at some of the best halal restaurants in Taipei in case you’re traveling to Taiwan and are looking for Muslim-friendly eating options in Taipei: Yong He Dou Jiang Da Wang: For the best Taiwanese muslim halal food in Taiwan, the go-to place is Yong He Dou Jiang Da Wang. This is where you can start your day, since their breakfast options are what makes them such a hit! With their Congee style porridges made with soy milk and topped with meats of different kinds, this place is a haven for those craving old-school comfort food, first thing in the morning! Their fried dough sticks and salty soy milk are other good options if you don’t want to feel too full in the morning.
Deep-fried dough stick and Soybean milk served for a 'delicious' moment
Chang’s Beef Noodle Soup Restaurant: Yet another hidden gem is Chang’s Beef Noodle Soup Restaurant, selling some amazing Taipei halal food. Its primary dish is the Beef noodle soup, which comprises a clear soup with beef chunks and wheat noodles. This is an iconic dish of Taipei and is highly recommended. This halal-certified restaurant also serves vegetarian dishes, beverages, and dumplings.
Beef noodle soup
Alibaba Indian Kitchen: Located on Nanjing Road, Alibaba Indian Kitchen offers an amazing selection of Indian dishes made with ingredients that are halal-certified. From a humongous array of dishes in the buffet section, to a spread of ala carte dishes, here you can enjoy authentic Indian cuisine. Must-try dishes here are the mutton curry, dry beef, and lamb biryani. If you are craving flavors other than Taiwanese, this restaurant is a must-visit.
Lamb biryani - A dish to try out!

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Really Good Seafood: With some amazing halal-certified set meals, this Muslim-friendly seafood restaurant does a brisk business in serving up a nine-course meal of fresh seafood dishes. Start with the most popular item in their menu, the pan-fried scallops. Follow up with some other amazing Muslim halal food in Taiwan here, such as the prawns in garlic gravy, grilled lamb chops, broiled lobster, crispy chicken Congee, and so much more. They also serve homemade desserts and ice creams, the selection of which is said to be the best in Taipei!
Fried scallops with butter lemon spicy sauce in cast-iron pan served with green salad
Hui Guan: For a twist on traditional Taiwanese cuisine, visiting Hui Guan is a must. A great place to enjoy halal food in Taipei, this restaurant offers comfort food with modern variations. So, trying out this place on a day with a lot of traveling and sightseeing is a great idea. The lentil noodles here are a must have, as is the Ningxia braised mutton. Everything here is halal-certified, so dig into those succulent veal chops while you are here. The dates cakes are a great way to wind up dinner.
Veal Chops with vegetables
Toko Sakura: For a change of taste, how about some Indonesian cuisine? At Toko Sakura, you can sample some authentic Indonesian dishes, complete with the fiery sambal chutney. Just in case you think the broth is not hot enough, you can try some other delicacies like chicken soup with rice, some fried fish in gravy, or a few rice pancakes coupled with duck curry - totally worth the heavy panting you do after a fiery hot curry! Quench it with the tender coconut cooler available here!
Chicken soup with rice in a bowl
Kunming Islamic Restaurant: One of the very first halal restaurants in Taipei, this restaurant serves up dish after dish of authentic Indian cuisine. The lamb curry here is to die for, coupled with fragrant basmati rice or the moti pulao. Also try the syrupy sweet gulab jamuns for dessert, for a perfect end to your dinner. This place is a must-visit for their delicious chicken curries as well - some of the best halal food in Taipei!
Lamb curry and rice
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