From Petra to the Dead Sea, these are the top places you...

From Petra to the Dead Sea, these are the top places you should visit in Amman!

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With its stone-carved ancient architectural gems and stunning scenic beauty, Amman is amongst the favorite tourist spots for Europeans and Arabs. It's vibrant streets and lively atmosphere makes for a great escape away from the chaos of everyday life. To give you a simple walkthrough, here are a few places you should consider visiting while you are in Amman, Jordan's capital city.


Enter one of the greatest wonders of the world through the narrow gorge of Siq. The massive red mountains and enormous mausoleums, half as old as time itself, is truly overwhelming. This extraordinary city was carved in the rock face by the Nabataeans (the settlers of Petra), two thousand years ago.

The Roman Theatre

The beautiful Roman Theatre in Amman Jordan
Roman Theatre, Amman Jordan

Built in the 2nd Century AD, it is one the most popular tourist spots in Amman. Chiseled out towards the northern side of a hill, the somber light in the morning makes for a wonderful place for photography.

The Citadel

The ,agnificient Citadel Cty in Amman,Jordan
Citadel City, Amman, Jordan

The habitat resides in the highest mountain of Amman. With much exploring to be done here, don't forget to check out the striking sights of the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace.

The Dead Sea

View of Dead Sea Seashore, Jordan
Jordan Dead Sea Seashore

Also known as the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea, offers various medical benefits with its hyper-saline water. Near the resorts are also the archaeological ruins of St. John, the Baptist. You can also visit the “Bethany beyond the borders”, considered to be the place of Jesus’ baptism.

Rainbow Street (Jebel)

The narrow street is the spot for dining and for shopping for local items. With rooftop restaurants and pubs, it is also the home for many historical landmarks like the al-Mufti House and the home of King Talal.

Souk Jara

Example of a Bazaar in the Middle East
Bazaar Middle East

Near the Rainbow Street, lies Souk Jara. The pop-up shops here open up each weekend during the summer months from morning till night. It is also a place for cultural activities and concerts and film screenings. The major tourist attraction are the local handicraft products that are procured from around the Kingdom.

From the Rainbow Street to the Dead Sea, come and experience the colors of the Middle East; only in Amman!

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