Fun, Flavor and Mouth Watering Goodness at the Dubai Food Festival 2018

Fun, Flavor and Mouth Watering Goodness at the Dubai Food Festival 2018


It’s getting closer to Dubai’s gastronomical event of the year; the Dubai Food Festival 2018! The festival is scheduled to take place from February 22 to March 10, and foodies are gearing up for what promises to be a feast for the ages! Indeed, the organizers have promised that like previous years, this year will be a three-week long extravaganza of flavor, fun and all of your favorite foods! Whether you wish to hone your culinary abilities, experience fine dining in its best form or merely indulge in the scrumptious fare on offer; the festival is guaranteed to have something that will interest you.

The Dubai Food Festival 2018 is the only, truly, city-wide food festival in the Middle East. It aims to celebrate Dubai’s emergence as a global culinary destination and will showcase a plethora of exciting events, that each highlight Dubai’s sizable footprint on the global gastronomical map! From famous chefs to signature dishes, to numerous world-class dining experiences and opportunities; the festival is so chalk full of things to do that you may find it a tad difficult to figure out where to start!

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Notable events will include:

1. Dubai Restaurant Week - where you will be able to avail a three-course gourmet meal for as low as AED 199

2. The Beach Canteen - a seaside favorite from last year with foodtrucks and popup restaurants from around Dubai!

3. Hidden Gems - where you help uncover the best kept secrets of Dubai’s culinary scene.

4. The Fatafeat Kitchen where you will be able to take part in interactive cooking-based demonstrations, tastings, and challenges with some of the top chefs in the industry!

Previous years have clearly displayed the sheer diversity of Dubai’s culinary offerings. Of course, with over 200 foreign nationalities living in the UAE it comes as no surprise that this is the case. Each nationality brings with them their own unique application of the art of cooking which in turn is derived from centuries of cultural history that is passed on from generation to generation. These unique styles come into contact with each other and the result is the wondrous melting pot of culinary excellence that currently exists in Dubai. It is precisely this phenomenon of ‘syncretic gastronomy’ that the Dubai Food Festival 2018 attempts to highlight!

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We're certainly buzzing with excitement; happy eating, everyone!

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