5 Resort Towns around the Black Sea, Georgia for that perfect summer...

5 Resort Towns around the Black Sea, Georgia for that perfect summer vacation!

A secluded beach at Kobuleti
A beautiful confluence of Asia and Europe, Georgia sits on the cusp of ancient history and modern innovation. And while the country’s cities enthrall visitors with their vibrant charm around the year, the resort towns around the Georgian side of the Black Sea definitely manage to impress visitors enough to make them keep coming back every summer! So, this summer vacation, maybe you should ditch the glam of the city life and explore these charming coastal towns and villages of Georgia that’ll pamper you rotten with their healing waters and their warm hospitality. Besides, we've all seen enough of the Caucasus mountain cities of Georgia like Gudauri; it's time to head to the beaches of the Black Sea!

5 Black Sea Resort Towns of Georgia in Summer

1. Batumi - Las Vegas of the Black Sea

A captivating panorama of Batumi
The World Travel Awards 2019 named Batumi as ‘Europe’s leading emerging tourist destination 2019’. Now, if that’s not a good enough reason, maybe this’ll add to Batumi’s magic - this Pearl of the Black Sea, besides having a pristine coast, is also the party capital of the Ajara region of Georgia. Batumi, without doubt, is the most popular resort town to be in Georgia in summer!
Batumi Botanical Gardens
And while Batumi boasts of architecture that leaves one mesmerized, it is also home to a 10 kilometers long botanical garden. that is located right on the Black Sea shore near the Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape) resort and looks like it belongs in The Jungle Book! Click here to know more about this precious pearl.

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2. Anaklia - home to exciting music festivals of Georgia

The charming Anaklia-Ganmukhuri Pedestrian Bridge
Untouched by the chaos of tourism, you should visit Anaklia before it turns into a hub for hordes of tourists. This seaside resort town has a history that dates back to the Bronze-age and you will find monuments peppered across Anaklia that speak volumes about its past. The best part about visiting this Black Sea resort of Georgia in summer is the energetic Echowaves Powered By EXIT festival, an electronic music festival which generally takes place in August every year. In 2019, it will take place from 22nd to 25th August.
Camping- one of the activities you can undertake at the beach
A dry climate along with an adorable beach, a scenic coastline that stretches for 8 kilometers and comfortable accommodation options at surprisingly low prices, makes Anaklia an ideal summer getaway.

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3. Kvariati -  a resort town between the mountains & the beach

The pebbled beach at Kvariati
Kvariati manages to appease both - the adventure seekers and the tranquility pursuers. Sandwiched between a beautiful mountain and a picturesque beach, for your summer vacation in Georgia, you can either hike up the hilly terrain that this town offers, or you can lay down on the beach, soak up some sun and enjoy the peaceful rhythm of the waves. It is believed that the sea waters in this region of Georgia have healing properties that sooth the pain of people suffering from vascular and central system problems.
Sun and sunbeds; what more can we ask for this summer?!
Located just 15 kilometers from Batumi, Kvariati has everything that Batumi has, minus the crowds! An interesting fact about this town is the fact that it is spread into two parts- one part of the town lies near the sea while the other part rests on top of the mountain!

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4. Kobuleti - a healing beach holiday in Georgia

A secluded beach at Kobuleti
For some relaxing thalassotherapy (seawater treatment for cosmetic and health benefits), head over to the pebbled beaches of Kobuleti. Also know that one of the best reasons to visit Kobuleti is not its coast but its nature reserve. The Kobuleti Nature Reserve is a protected area that strives to protect the unique wetland ecosystems of the region. Within this reserve are 3 charming walking trails for tourists who wish to see the exceptional flora and fauna of Georgia.
The ruins of Petra Fortress
At a distance of just 30 kilometers from Batumi, Kobuleti is much more pocket friendly than the Pearl of the Black Sea. And, it has so much more to offer too- like the archaeological find of Petra Fortress, the thrilling Tsitsinatela amusement park, the intriguing Kobuleti Museum and the fun Miniature Park.

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5. Ureki - an ideal summer getaway

The Ureki beach at dawn
A popular seaside resort town in Georgia, Ureki boasts of a magnetic, sandy beach which is believed to have properties that heal cardiovascular diseases and nervous system disorders. With a humid, subtropical climate, the waters at Ureki are warm and inviting all throughout the season thus making it an ideal summer getaway destination. The pebbled beaches, quaint towns and scenic vistas around the Georgia's Black Sea coast are as alluring as they are therapeutic. So, plan a Georgia holiday this summer, experience its soothing resort towns and head back home, healed and happy! Not interested in visiting Georgia in summer? Check out this Georgian Winter Capital instead!

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