15 Delightful Places In The Country Of Georgia That’ll Cost You Less...

15 Delightful Places In The Country Of Georgia That’ll Cost You Less Than 50 AED- Part 1!


Lying adorably between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea, the European country of Georgia is like a seductive siren calling out to all the souls struck with wanderlust. And if you are wondering whether you can explore this beautiful country on a shoestring budget, the answer is a resounding yes!

From economical airlines flying to and fro UAE to pocket friendly hostels and hotels, Georgia on a budget is completely possible. It definitely won’t burn a hole in your travel pocket. Besides, it is home to plenty of tourist attractions and pleasant experiences that won’t cost you much!

15 places in Georgia, Europe that will cost you less than 50 AED!

1. Old Town, Tbilisi

How much: Free!

Nestled under the watchful eyes of the stunning Narikala fortress, Tbilisi’s Old Town is the oldest area in the city. A part of the Tbilisi Historic District, Old Town is home to cobbled pedestrian streets gently sloping up and down its length and breadth, quaint cafes, bustling nightclubs, serene churches, several historical monuments, souvenir shopping opportunities, hidden courtyards, and colourful houses (with their characteristic balconies) that look like they belong to an altogether different era.

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2. Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi

How much: 2 GEL, approximately 2.5 AED

{Please note that 2 dirhams covers the entrance fees as well as the various rides and the Ferris wheel. For everything else, you need to pay on the spot, in cash}

A popular entertainment destination for locals as well as tourists, the Mtatsminda Park is located atop the Mtatsminda Plateau and offers stunning views of Tbilisi. The park is host to several fun rides, a giant Ferris wheel, video game arcades, dedicated picnic zones, cafes that serve delectable food, live performances and events, souvenir shops, and even a wedding house! For a leisurely day in Georgia, do head over to the Mtatsminda Park.

3. Mother Georgia Statue, Tbilisi

How much: Free!

The Mother Georgia Statue, locally known as Kartvlis Deda, is a charming monument located in Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi. The statue was erected in the year 1958 atop the Sololaki hill to celebrate Tbilisi’s 1500th anniversary. Designed by celebrated Georgian sculptor Elguja Amashukeli, the Mother Georgia Statue is a representation of Georgia’s hospitality; she holds a bowl of wine in one hand to welcome people who desire friendship, and a sword in the other for people who come as enemies.

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4. Holy Trinity Cathedral Of Tbilisi

How much: Free!

A symbol of the ‘new & free’ Georgia, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, also known as Sameba Cathedral, is the tallest church in Georgia; it is 101 meters high. While the construction of the cathedral began way back in the 1990s, it was completed in 2004, just in time to celebrate the 2000th anniversary of Christianity in the country. And although the architecture of this place of worship is, no doubt, marvelous, the interiors are even more spellbinding. Intricate frescoes and magnificent paintings adore the cathedral’s walls.

5. Leaning Clock Tower, Tbilisi

How much: Free!

Another free attraction on this list; budget travel in Georgia looks so easy! A quirky little attraction located in the heart of Tbilisi, the Leaning Clock Tower is an architectural structure that looks like it might fall any minute, but it obviously won’t! The brainchild of renowned Georgian director, painter, playwright and puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze, this absurdly cute clock tower is attached to Mr. Rezo’s puppet theatre. Every hour, on the hour, you will get to see a charming little puppet show of ‘Circle of life’, so make sure you reach the spot before the hour strikes.

6. Narikala Fortress, Tbilisi

How much: Free if you enter on foot (If you take the cable car, it will cost you 2.5 GEL, approximately 3 AED)

Dating back to the 4th century, the Narikala Fortress is also known as the Mother Fortress of Tbilisi. Inhabited by first the Arabs and then, the Mongols, the fortress was an important stop on the ancient Silk Route. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in 1827 by an earthquake. Since then, although the structure has not been restored completely, it still stands as a silent witness to the past, present and future of Tbilisi.

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7. Stalin’s Underground Printing House, Tbilisi

How much: Free! But tip of around 10 to 12 GEL (approximately 12.5 to 15 AED) is appreciated 🙂

A quick history recap – Joseph Stalin was a Soviet politician (and for many, a Georgian revolutionary) who was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

But long before Stalin became the General Secretary in the 1920s, he was a youth with an agenda. Back in 1904, when Georgia was a part of Russia and was under the rule of the Tsar, a young Stalin printed pamphlets, propaganda and newspapers that were anti-Tsar. But since he could not do so openly, he and his team put up a small printing machine under this house, inside a dried-out well! And this space is now open for visitors to explore.

8. Vardzia, Erusheti Mountain

How much: 3 GEL, approximately 4 AED

An ancient cave city of Georgia, Vardzia is a remarkable palace-cum-monastery in the Erusheti Mountain. Built in the 12th century on the orders of King Tamar (the first woman in Georgia to be crowned as king), this place was developed as an underground sanctuary and a defense mechanism against the invasion of the Mongols. With over 6000 rooms, including a throne room, a church and a meeting room, these caves were accessible only via a hidden tunnel that started somewhere near the Mtkvari River. In 1283 however, a devastating earthquake split open the mountain, exposing the caves in the bargain.

Excited to know which other travel experiences and tourist attractions made it to the list of 15 delightful places in the country of Georgia that’ll cost you less than 50 AED? Stay tuned! Part 2 coming very soon…

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