Georgia Visa Requirements – A Complete Guide

Georgia Visa Requirements – A Complete Guide

georgia visa requirements

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Getting your visa in order is the first step to planning an awesome holiday! But that is not a worry if you are planning to visit Georgia in Europe! Here is all the important information required for a Georgia visa.

Visa to Georgia, Europe

A small country located between the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains in Europe, Georgia is an enchanting place to be in. The country is known for its lush mountains, quaint towns, delicious food, and friendly locals.

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Georgia visa requirements for UAE residents

  No visa is required for citizens of United Arab Emirates to enter Georgia, Europe. Which means Emiratis visiting Georgia don't have to worry about getting a visa processed.

Georgia visa for UAE expats and GCC residents

Visa on arrival

All UAE expats who have a valid resident visa of the United Arab Emirates will also receive a visa on arrival in Georgia. Even holders of visas or residence permits of other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries can travel visa-free to Georgia for a period of 90 days. They get an entry stamp to Georgia upon arrival. A bright day in the Borjomi Mineral Water Park However, it must be noted that the GCC resident permit should be at least 6-month old for Georgia visa exemption. So in-case you’re wondering about Georgia Europe visa requirements from Dubai and the rest of UAE, here’s all you need to know. Read on:

Visa to Tbilisi, Georgia

All the residents of countries that are not included in the visa exemption list must obtain a visa from one of the Georgian diplomatic missions from their respective countries.

Georgia visa from Dubai

Visa on arrival countries

Fortunately, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, Oman, and Brunei are some of the countries exempted from requiring a visa. All visa exempt nationals are allowed to stay for a maximum of one year in Georgia. It's a very convenient procedure if you understand the visa process from Dubai. Also, passengers on cruise ships which stay on a Georgian port for less than 72 hours do not require a visa.
Snowy mountains of Mestia ski resort
Mestia ski resort, Georgia

Georgian visa policy: What documents will be required for residents of visa exempted countries?

  1. Passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of application
  2. A recent passport-size photograph (coloured)
  3. Fully completed and signed Visa Application Form
  4. Appropriate Consular fee.
As of February 2015, Georgian Government has launched an e-VISA portal that allows citizens of non-exempt countries (countries that are require a visa to enter Georgia) to obtain a visa online, without having to visit a Georgian diplomatic mission or consulate.

How much time is required to issue a Visa in Georgia?

Citizens of the following countries can get a Georgian visa upon arrival to one the country’s airports in Tbilisi or Batumi at the cost of 35-40 United Arab Emirates Dirhams, if duration of the visit is no longer than 1 month – USA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, GB, Spain, Estonia, Japan, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Greece, France, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland. If the visitor is not a citizen of the above mentioned countries, or if their duration of travel is longer than one month, a visa from the Georgian consulate is required. No invitation papers are necessary, but the visitor needs to specify the name of the inviting person or organization on the application form. The processing time for visa in this case is about 5 to 14 business days, and the visa costs will be 50 to 100 Dirhams. Disclaimer: The contents of this pages are provided to the best of our knowledge, and in good faith. The use of this website is at the viewer/user’s sole risk. For further information on Georgia online visa application form, please contact the Georgia Embassy in UAE, or visit Georgian Embassies Website. hotels in Tbilisi

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