Georgian food – Best of Georgian Cuisine

Georgian food – Best of Georgian Cuisine


Best of Georgian Cuisine!

Besides the breath-taking mountainous scenery, spell-binding architecture, friendly locals, and stunning historical landmarks, there is one more major reason why you need to drop everything and visit Georgia now – the insanely delicious and typical cuisine of Georgia! Though Georgian dishes are relatively lesser known across the globe, Georgian cuisine is extremely delicious, and is influenced by European and Middle Eastern tastes.

Popular Georgian Food Recipes

If you are a hard-core foodie and are looking to sample the best of typical Georgian food in Georgia, here are a few traditional Georgia food dishes that you can devour while on your Georgia holiday.

Khachapuri Georgian cheese bread recipe


One of the most popular food in Georgia, Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian delicacy consisting of bread stuffed with gooey cheese. While the standard Adjaruli Khachapuri is a round bread stuffed with cheese, there are numerous variants of the dish prepared across the country, including the raw egg-topped Adjarian khachapuri, the boiled egg-stuffed Gurian khachapuri, the Mingrelian khachapuri with extra cheese on top, and more!

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Georgian Khinkali dumplings


Khinkali is yet another delicacy that you will find served at almost all restaurants in Georgia. When it comes to Georgian cuisine, Khinkali is Georgia’s contribution to the world of dumplings! Resembling a dim sum, Khinkali is a juicy, delicious dumpling stuffed with meat and spices. Vegetarians can nosh on variants stuffed with potato, mushroom, cheeses, or other vegetables and herbs. You cannot go all the way to Georgia and not stuff your mouth with Khinkali. You just can’t.

Churchkhela - Typical Georgian food you shouldn't miss


A perfect Georgian treat for your sweet tooth, Churchkhela is a delectable sausage-shaped candy made up of walnuts threaded onto a long string, which is then dipped into a concentration of fresh grape juice! When it comes to authentic Georgian dishes, this one should definitely not be missed!

Lobio - Georgian bean dish


Vegetarians are going to love this one! Yet another winner for Georgian cuisine, Lobio is a super-delicious, traditional Georgian dish, which consists of Lobio (Georgian for ‘beans’) mashed with a tasty mix of onions, walnuts, coriander, and garlic! This sumptuous dish plays an important role when it comes to typical food in Georgia.

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Chakapuli - Georgian Tarragon Lamb Chops


If you’re looking for traditional food in Georgia, Chakapuli is a must-try. This hearty recipe consists of mouth-watering lamb stew prepared with onions, peppers, white wine, tarragon leaves and green plums. Sample this dish once, and you'll realise Georgian cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world!

Satsivi - Chicken with walnut sauce


Known to be a typical winter food in Georgia, Satsivi is yet another famous Georgian delicacy, which comprises of chicken or turkey served with a thin paste of garlic, herbs, and walnut. Also available across a number of Georgian restaurants world-over, Satsivi is mainly eaten during the winter months surrounding Christmas and New Year.

Mtsvadi - Georgian Skewered Meat


This is Georgia’s contribution to the world of Kebabs! Juicy, salted chunks of meat are impaled on a stick and cooked over fire, along with alternate slices of vegetables. If you like meat, especially when it is barbequed, you’re going to die for this typical Georgian food recipe!

While these were some of the most popular foods in Georgian, there are numerous other Georgian dishes which are equally delectable, such as Kharcho, Ajapsandali, Chacha, Chanakhi, Sulguni, Pkhali, and many, many more! Most of these amazing dishes can be sampled across all restaurants in Georgia.

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Georgian Wine

Georgian Wine

While talking about Georgian cuisine, there’s one more thing that cannot be missed out – Georgian wine!

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, going all the way to Georgia and not sipping the famous wine of Georgia is like going to Italy and not sampling authentic pizza! No, thou shalt not commit this mistake. Forget France and Italy – when it comes to wine, Georgia is the mother of all. There is evidence that Georgia has a wine producing history of over 8,000 years, which makes it one of the oldest wine regions in the world! Tour any of Georgia’s wine cellars and savour heavenly wine from Georgia like Saperavi or Pirosmani.

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