Go fishing for pearls at the Heritage Centre and Museum of Pearl...

Go fishing for pearls at the Heritage Centre and Museum of Pearl Diving in Bahrain

Pearl Diving in Bahrain
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Heritage Centre and Museum of Pearl Diving in Bahrain

The Heritage Centre and Museum of Pearl Diving in Bahrain is a unique place, which celebrates the art and science behind the culture of Pearl Diving. Pearl Diving has been Bahrain’s heritage for more than a millennium. In fact, the first instance of diving for pearls was recorded nearly 5000 years ago. To give a brief background, pearl diving involves the breeding and harvesting of productive Oyster beds, which are the largest of their kind in the world, for freshwater pearls.

The Heritage Centre and Museum of Pearl Diving was built in the year 1937 and used to be the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs. In the year 1948, it was turned into a museum with a unique heritage. After all, pearls from Bahrain are famed for their unique shine and a sort of wholesomeness. The museum is now is home to various displays and exhibits of pearl diving and other seafaring attractions, for which Bahrain has been globally acclaimed. Apart from this, the museum also displays costumes from bygone eras, musical instruments, antique weaponry, traditional games and old fashioned medicines. Don’t forget, photography is prohibited inside the museum, due to security reasons. Leave your cameras in your vehicle, or submit them at the entrance to avoid issues.

Museum of Pearl Diving Ticket Prices and Timings

The Museum of Pearl Diving – Bahrain tickets cost around 1 BD per person, and the spread inside is quite worth it. Museum of Pearl Diving – Bahrain Timings are from 7 AM to 2 PM, on all days, except for Thursdays and Fridays, when the museum remains closed. The museum is also home to various exhibitions on the industries and heritage of the country.

Visitors to The Heritage Centre and Museum of Pearl Diving can partake in a special diving program, which is the real attraction here. The diving program lets the visitors explore the specialised pools for pearls, under the watchful eyes of the Association of Diving Instructors. When booking your Museum of Pearl Diving – Bahrain Fees, remember to take along your swimsuits with you.

Fun Fact -  While diving for pearls, the uglier looking oysters are more prone to containing pearls. Look for older and shabby looking oysters, with barnacles attached to the shell or holes in them, and you are sure to be holding a beauty in your hands soon.

Museum of Pearl Diving Facts

Ticket Price:   1 BD per adult
Operational Days:   Wednesday Saturday Sunday Monday  
Timings:   7 AM to 2 PM
Address Al Khalifa Ave, Manama, Bahrain
Trivia   The combination of sweet and salty water is the best environment for oysters. The pearls gathered from them are the ones with the best color
Emergency Contact:
Emergency 112
National Emergency Call Center 999
Traffic Police 199
Emergency – Casualty Bureau 990