Gold Souk: Abu Dhabi’s Ultimate Destination for Gold Shopping

Gold Souk: Abu Dhabi’s Ultimate Destination for Gold Shopping

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When a trip to Abu Dhabi is on the cards, shopping can never be far behind! Whatever your shopping interests might be, there are markets of all kinds in Abu Dhabi, ranging from food to business to gold jewelry, to leather items, spices, toys and more. Truly, visiting a souk in Abu Dhabi is sure to make you feel on top of the world!

Where to buy gold in Abu Dhabi? Gold Souk’s the answer!

Gold displayed for the public

A visit to the world-famous Gold Souk in Abu Dhabi is a must if you’re in the city and are planning to buy gold. Prepare to be dazzled as you enter Abu Dhabi’s Gold Souk, located in the Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre & Gold Centre. It is one of the largest sellers of gold jewelry and other gold items as would be eveident by the windows of every shop displaying a shimmering array of gold necklaces, chains, earrings and bangles.

There are at least 100 shops selling gold, diamond and pearl jewellery of every shape, size and quality in both traditional and contemporary designs at the Gold Souk of Abu Dhabi.

Since gold is comparatively cheaper in the UAE as compared to other places across the globe, the gold souk Abu Dhabi has become a highly frequented spot – irrespective of whether people are interested in buying gold or are just there to watch the frenzy unfold. Though not as big or varied as the gold souk in Dubai, the Abu Dhabi gold souk also has quite a wide variety of shops offering unique and beautiful designs in gold and precious jewellery.

Shopping tip: Always check the current gold price before visiting the Gold Souk in Abu Dhabi. You can negotiate and haggle for prices accordingly, especially on the “makers charge”.

Where is the Gold Souk in Abu Dhabi?

Venue: Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre & Gold Centre
Address: Between Airport Road and Murour Road, off Sheikh Zayed the 1st Road, Abu Dhabi
Contact number: +971 2 633 3311

Shopping for everyday items and souvenirs in Abu Dhabi


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If you’re interested in shopping for regular everyday items, pay a visit to the famous Abu Dhabi Mall market to shop for some of the best stuff in the UAE at budget rates. Here you will be sure to find aisles after aisles of everyday items, or even souvenirs to take back home. You could even visit the Abu Dhabi souk central to get an authentic feel of shopping with the locals. You can find specialty shops selling watches, utensils, spices, and more. If yabuou are staying at an apartment or a homestay wherein you’re cooking your own meals, this is an ideal place to pick up fresh vegetables, pulses, and meat. If you’re craving for seafood, any of the fish markets in Abu Dhabi would be great to pick up the freshest of fishes and other seafood to take back home. When looking for fish markets in Abu Dhabi, there are plenty to choose from, such as the Souk Al Bahrain, the Mall world Trade Center, and the Rivoli Souk Central Market.

For those looking to purchase items of daily use such as grocery and toiletries, a visit to the Grand Mart Abu Dhabi is a must – a gigantic supermarket, the likes of which you might not have seen before. This is a fabulous place to roam around in and enjoy a bit of budget as well as luxury shopping.

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Duty-free shopping at Abu Dhabi airport!


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If you are a true shopaholic, you must be looking forward to spending some time at the duty-free shops at the Abu Dhabi airport. You can pick up some cheap souvenirs from here – ranging from chocolates to perfumes to high-branded apparels, to some classy jewelry pieces, world-class accessories, and some great handicrafts. Sealed and zip-locked spices are also available here, so that you can recreate your favorite dishes of the UAE, back home! Make sure you spend some time here, before exiting the airport or catching your flight back home. You will not regret the experience.

Also spend some time at the Shangri La Souk Abu Dhabi, a shopping mall fashioned after an Arabian style souk area. Here, you don’t just get to shop to your heart’s content, but you also get to relish delicious dishes from all over the world at the many restaurants.

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