Green Dome of Al-Masjid al-Nabawi


The Green Dome, located in the south-east corner of Al-Masjid al-Nabawi or “Mosque of the Prophet” in the holy city of Medina, is a part of renowned mosque considered to be the second holiest site in Islam! The first sight of the “Green Dome”, with its towering minarets dominating the city’s stunning skyline, fills the heart of worshippers with love and affection.

The Green Dome is celebrated as the most sacred place after Mecca since it is considered as the final resting place of Prophet Muhammad. A journey to this sacred place symbolizes the unity of Muslim pilgrims – a truly historic gathering. After a visit to the holiest site of Mecca, most of the pilgrims also visit Al-Masjid al-Nabawi (mosque) to obtain Allah’s mercy for their deeds, whether good or bad.

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Green Dome

The most notable feature of Al-Masjid al-Nabawi is the “Green Dome”, which is built above the tomb of Prophet Muhammad. For more than 650 years after the death of the Prophet, there was no roof over his tomb. It was only during 1279 AD that an unpainted wooden cupola (the dome) was built above his grave by a Mamluk Sultan. That cupola has thereafter undergone numerous phases of renovation, and has also gone through different colours. Previously, it was painted in white and then in the classic purple-blue that the Arabs are particularly fond of. Shortly after the construction of the mosque, it was burned down. It was reconstructed in 1817 AD and painted green.

From distance, you can only see the outer “Green Dome” above Prophet Muhammad’s tomb, but in reality, there is one more dome inside the complex, which is comparatively smaller than the Green Dome. Three doors guard this rectangular enclosure: Bab Jibril (Door of Gabriel) to the west, Bab al-Rahmah (The Door of Mercy) to the south; and Bab al-Nisa (Door of the Women) to the east.

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Green Dome

There are so many mysteries and interesting facts about “Green Dome”, also known as Prophet Mosque, which you didn’t know about it. For example, the Prophet Mosque was the first and only place to be lit up when electricity was introduced to Arabian Peninsula by the Ottomans. The current mosque is 100 times larger than the original mosque, meaning it covered almost the entire area of the old Medina city. The most interesting thing about this mosque is, it is full of secret signs. There are so many secret and subtle signs that you’ll find on each window, each pillar and each dome that indicate Islamic historical and spiritual significance.

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