Green Mubazzarah – A Weekend Getaway
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Gone are the days when people used to wait for summer or winter vacations to embark on a family vacation. With increasing number of weekend getaways mushrooming in the past few years, and the feasibility of them (in terms of price and distance), people prefer them over long breaks.

While road trips are a delight for adults, kids tend to get a little impatient unless of course they have something to look forward to! What if you get best of the both the worlds – a beautiful road trip that culminates in a destination laced with exhilarating activities for both kids as well as adults! An ideal weekend getaway, I say!

Green Mubazzarah – An Introduction

Green Mubazzarah – A Weekend Getaway

Nestled at the foothills of Jebel Hafeet, Green Mubazarrah, is a quick weekend getaway, which has been around for a while now, but surprisingly, has not found enough visibility. No wonder, that at a distance of about an hour and a half away from the emirate of Dubai, a drive to this gorgeous place is nothing short of a pleasant surprise! Green Mubazzarah is dotted with streams of hot-water springs, swimming pools and Jacuzzis scattered all over, while the backdrop of Jebel Hafeet is gorgeous to say the least.

This destination is ideal for spending a couple of days, unwinding with family and friends, as one could either rent out chalets or simply set up a cosy tent in the camping area. Barbeques, picnic lunches, and incredible scenery at the backdrop – what else does one require for a perfect weekend?

Green Mubazzarah – Distance from major Emirates

  • Dubai to Green Mubazzarah Distance – 152. 5 km (approx. 2 hrs)
  • Abu Dubai to Green Mubazzarah Distance – 135 km (approx. 1h 39min)
  • Fujairah to Green Mubazzarah Distance – 237. 3 km (approx. 2h 56min)

Green Mubazzarah – Things to Do

Enlisted are a few of many experiences you can savour at Green Mubazzarah –

  • Take a dip in the hot, natural mineral springs – Irrespective of what age group you belong to, a dip in a hot, natural mineral spring shall soothe your tired bones. Also, it is therapeutic for those who suffer from ailments like rheumatism and other orthopaedic issues.
  • An ideal picnic spot – An ideal park for families, Green Mubazzarah sees a good number of families visiting it, especially during the months of December and mid-March. However, if you are averse to crowds and boisterous kids running around, you might want to skip visiting it during summer vacations.
  • A gorgeous Mosque to see – Also, visit the beautiful Green Mubazzarah Mosque while you are here.
  • A humungous park – Kids will be delighted as they have a 160-hectare park as their playground! Parents can also participate in activities like camel & horse riding, hiking, and more. The area is also dotted with an array of hotels, restaurants and a small pond, making a visit to this place even more attractive.
  • Barbeque and Camping – The park also has areas designated for barbeques, camping and chalets.

Hotels near Green Mubazzarah

While you have an option of putting up at a chalet or a camp, if you are planning to stay for a longer time, you might want to check out the hotels near Green Mubazzarah. These hotels are within a close proximity, and ensure that your stay is comfortable.