Skiing in Gadauri

With global warming affecting the overall snow density around the world, lovers of winter sports and especially skiing have been left wondering and worried. Fret not! Gudauri Ski Resort Georgia, a young and rapidly developing ski resort, satiates your adrenaline yearnings. Gudauri Ski Resort Georgia provides unique opportunities not only for snowboarders, skiers and lovers of Heli-skiing, but also for those who just want to have fun in the snow!

Nestled between Europe and Asia, located at an altitude of 2000 metres above sea level, Gudauri is the most promising and the youngest ski resort in the southern slope region of Greater Caucasus Mountains. Unique natural terrain, high mountain peaks, vast and boundless slopes of fluffy snow offers great opportunity for free riders. For more information about skiing in Gudauri.

Best time for skiing in Gudauri

Ski season in Gudauri starts from December and goes till April. During this period, the weather gets sunny and wind free: basically, perfect weather for skiing. In the month of December the fresh snow powder is the deepest, making the place more suitable for skiing then. In April, only the upper slopes are ski-friendly. Generally speaking, the slopes are accessible through platter lifts, chairlifts and moving carpets. Heli Ski is available throughout the season!

Heli Skiing Gudauri

Heli skiing in Gudauri

Good news! You can now heli-ski even if you are not a movie stunt performer here! At a short distance from Tbilisi, Georgia (2 hours’ drive), you can board a helicopter that will take you to the snowy peak of Gudauri Heli-skiing in the incredible Caucasus Mountains, with deep powder snow ski runs will make your Gudauri winter tour an unforgettable experience. In this beautiful, friendly and versatile land with spectacular mountain ranges, enjoy breath-taking views of this unique area of Gudauri located at about 1500m to 4000m above sea level, one of the highest peaks in Europe.

Gudauri Winter Tours

The snowy peaks of Gudauri region

Gudauri winter tours is an amazing opportunity to spend your ski holidays in the Caucasus Mountains and ski resorts in Gudauri. Experience all major destinations of Gudauri and its neighboring regions with Gudauri winter tours that include trekking through the winter forest and visiting some of the most famous skiing resorts in Gudauri. Winter tours also offers adventure activities like skiing, paragliding, Heli-ski, snow-biking and horse-riding, choose as per your interest. Experience great pleasure while exploring this unique landscape of alpine nature, and spend some nights in family-friendly comfortable hotels in Gudauri.

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Skiing and Snowboarding

GudauriGeorgian winter capital for skiing and snowboarding

Surrounded by some of Europe’s most dramatic peaks, Gudauri represents one of the most picturesque winter destinations for both experienced and amateurs’ gives an opportunity to show your hidden skiing talent. Mountain resorts in Gudauri offers fantastic skiing and snowboarding facilities for snow lovers. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can take part in paragliding as well. You can try heli-skiing, where you will be able to fly high above the unspoiled beauty of Caucasus region. When does it snow in Gudauri? February is the coldest month of the year with average temperature ranging from -6°C to -4°C. You can plan your trip based on Gudauri snow forecast available online.

All about skiing in Gudauri

Number of ski lifts – 7

Total capacity – 8000 passengers

Total lift length – 10.4 km

Runs/slops – 57km total

Ski Hotels in Gudauri

Ski hotels in Gudauri

Gudauri features upscale hotels, most of which get costlier in the winter season. The accommodation options listed below are not only stay-worthy but also popular. Book a room in any of them to enjoy home-like comfort and convenience.

  1. Hotel Abu Gudauri
  2. Edelweiss Hotel Gudauri
  3. Gudauri Inn, Gudauri
  4. Hotel Gudauri Marco Polo, Gudauri
  5. Hotel Bella, Gudauri
  6. Ski House Panorama, Gudauri
  7. Hotel Ozon, Gudauri
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