Haute Destinations: 10 places to visit in 2018

Haute Destinations: 10 places to visit in 2018

Yunnan, China
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Sit by a cliff and enjoy the sunset or take a hike in lush green meadows; let the wanderer in you keep discovering new places of interest!  So, don’t just settle for done-to-death destinations, instead, check out the list of buzz-worthy (haute!) tourist destinations curated by holidayme and make the most of the remaining 2018!

1. Ishigaki, Okinawa

best holiday destinations - Ishigaki, Okinawa Visually stunning beaches, great for spotting reefs. This island in Japan is a heaven for snorkelers and divers. Apart from enjoying the beach life, one can opt for hiking trails in the island’s hilly interiors. Ishigaki Island is the most developed and populated island of the Yaeyama Islands, and is a major transportation hub as well. Since Ishigaki has just started getting popular, you can easily have a luxury trip planned out on a modest budget! Check out some interesting holiday packages we have for Japan.

2. Kapaa , Hawaii

places to travel - Hawaii Kauai’s most appealing town. The cobalt water and humpback whales will make you want to return as soon as you leave! The town has a relaxed vibe and has an old-world charm to it. Kauai has cascading waterfalls, tropical rain forests, and a host of other dramatic landscapes that add to the delight of the visitors. No wonder, it is known as the ‘Garden Island.’

3. Halifax, Canada

top holiday destinations - Halifax, Canada  A perfect amalgamation of old and the new. The city’s well-preserved culture and history complements the vibrant, modern life. Sit by the waterfront and enjoy the sea breeze, admiring the views of this historic port city.

4. Gdansk, Poland

holiday destinations - Gdansk, Poland Holding abundance of mysteries, Gdansk is a real treasure for history buffs. Narrow, cobbled streets, red- brick churches, amber shops, and cafes - this Polish Baltic coast takes you back in time. The old city stands testament to the mayhem caused by WWII, which is now a major tourist attraction.

5. Cape Verde Islands

top holiday destination - cape verde Miles of dazzling beaches with turquoise glistening waters, Cape Verde guarantees stunning views at every nook and corner. This island-nation is located off the northwest coast of Africa. Promising sunshine throughout the year, Cape Verde boasts of some top-rated sightseeing attractions. World-class hotels with impeccable service are sure to entice any avid traveller.

6. Valletta, Malta

places to go on holiday - Malta Quaint narrow streets brimming with shops, bakeries, and cafes, Valletta or the ‘Fortress City’ is a huge open-air museum. Malta’s capital city, Valletta, as a whole, is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site. Though small, this city is packed with historical significance. Discover the ‘Sun And Sea’ Holiday Destination - Malta. 

7. Puebla, Mexico

Places to visit - Mexico Colonial architecture, relaxed vibes, and friendly locals – a trip to Puebla is definitely worth your time. With strong religious roots, the fourth largest city of Mexico has over 365 churches. The vibrant city has distinct surroundings; the Mexican culture and cuisine will surely win your heart. Experience Mexico Like Never Before!

8. Cajamarca, Peru

places to visit in 2018 - Cajamarca, Peru  Stonewalled by the Andes mountains, Cajamarca is an ancient city with a rich three-thousand-year-old history. The city has a distinct architecture with stone cathedrals to boast of. Baroque mansions, numerous boutiques, fine restaurants, and hotels add to the charm of laid-back Cajamarca.

9. Pyeongchang, South Korea

best destinations of 2018 - Pyeongchang, South Korea The Alps of Korea, Pyeongchang is the best kept ski secret of Asia, offering a unique Korean experience. It has come under the spotlight due to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. For spiritual seekers, Pyeongchang is a treasure trove of several Buddhist temples, including the famous Woljeongsa Temple. Check out our specially tailored South Korea holiday deals!

10. Yunnan, China

 top holiday destinations -Yunnan, China  Mighty rivers, deepest of canyons, cascading rice terraces, and snowy mountains – Yunnan is a kaleidoscope of nature. Tourists travel to Yunnan to experience the mild climate, beautiful landscapes, and diverse ethnic culture.

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