Hawai Adda, a new airplane turned restaurant is going to challenge your...

Hawai Adda, a new airplane turned restaurant is going to challenge your perception of airline food!

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Image Source: Hawai Adda and Dailymail
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Do you have serious qualms about airline food? Do you feel airline food is overcharged, overhyped, taste bland and often leaves you unsatisfying? Don’t’ worry, your impression of the boring airline food is going to be challenged soon!

A new flight has landed in the Indian city of Ludhiana (Punjab), that’s surely going to tantalise your taste buds and question your impressions of airline food…

Meet Hawai Adda, a grounded and retired Airbus A320, that has been converted into a vegetarian restaurant, bakery, kitty hall and a café. Once part of the official airline carrier of India - Air India, the aircraft transformed into a luxury restaurant and has managed to retain many of its features. It took one year to maintain and upgrade the aircraft, which now host around 72 guests at one go. Parked at the Verka Milk Bar premises, this refurbished aircraft now has plush interiors, plenty of leg room and comfortable dining experience.

So, next time you are in India and travelling near Punjab, don’t forget to have a meal just like airline style but, much better in quality and experience at Hawai Adda!

Hawai Adda is not the only aeroplane turned restaurant in the world. There are few more such restaurants in the world.

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