14 ♥ Heart-Shaped ♥ Natural Landscapes: Coz Nature Too Got Struck By...

14 ♥ Heart-Shaped ♥ Natural Landscapes: Coz Nature Too Got Struck By Cupid!

heart shaped lake
The month of love is finally here, with Mr. Cupid shooting his arrows left, right and center! And maybe, just maybe, if you have been hit by one of his arrows, you may be seeing ♥ hearts ♥ everywhere! And you might also feel that these images down below are elaborate illusions that your love-struck heart is showing you. But no, we assure you, these places and these images are a 100% real. As real as nature’s love for you. Because these places are where Mother Nature went all lovey-dovey on her denizens. Well, like they say, the heart wants what it wants! No pun intended!

14 heart-shaped natural landscapes across the world!

1. Algarve, Portugal

heart shaped rock Located in Algarve, Portugal, the Praia da Marinha beach boasts of pristine sands, vivid waters and this heart-shaped cliff that’ll make you feel all mushy.

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2. Lava rock, Maui, Hawaii

A natural wonder, you will find this heart-shaped hole in a lava rock on the island of Hawaii.

3. Galesnjak, Croatia

Popularly known as the ‘ Lover’s Island’, did you know that Galesnjak Island hosts Valentine’s Day special boat rides? What are you waiting for? Book your romantic escape to Croatia today!

4. Heart Reef, Australia

As if the beautifully phenomenal Great Barrier Reef was not enough in itself, it also is home to this serene heart-shaped reef.

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5. Heart Lake, California

Want to go for a hike this V-Day? Head over to the Kearsarge Pass Trail in Sierra Nevada Mountains. You’ll spot this gem there.

6. Chudskoy Lake, Arctic

Where icy cold winds meet warm, heart-melting romance.

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7. Chamar-Daban, Russia

This heart-shaped gem in the Chamar Daban mountain range in Russia, may prove to be the most romantic site for a Valentine’s Day proposal!

8. Joshua Tree National Park, California

A cactus in the shape of a heart? Ouch! Sometimes, love hurts doesn’t it?

9. Trnovacko Lake, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Located within the lush green Sutjeska National Park of Bosnia, this lake shaped like a heart, looks like it belongs in a fairytale.

10. Meke Crater Lake, Turkey

This gorgeous heart formation of nature is in the Meke Crater Lake. The lake itself is a designated natural monument of Turkey.

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11. Heart Lake, Austrian Alps

A beautiful heart-shaped lake located in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria.

12. Tavarua, Fiji:

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Popular with the surfers, Tavarua is an island resort in Fiji. A splendid destination for #travelgram!

13. Makepeace Island, Australia

The land down under is full of stunning sights. This heart-shaped Makepeace Island is no exception.

14. Hridayathadakam, Kerala, India

Located at the top of the Chembra Peak in Wayanad, Kerala, this beauty is Hridayathadakam (literally translating to "heart-shaped lake") and is found full to the brim during the monsoon season.
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