Visit Al Lith Along The Red Sea – The Perfect Weekend Getaway...

Visit Al Lith Along The Red Sea – The Perfect Weekend Getaway for Saudis

Discover the hidden diving gem of Al Lith.
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Distance from Jeddah: 182 km (Approximately 1 h 39 m)

Distance from Medina: 620 km (Approximately 5 h 50 m)

Distance from Riyadh: 1, 030 km (Approximately 9 h 15 m)

Imagine this. You are waving to a bunch of turtles, gracefully passing by underwater, instead of being stuck in a traffic jam or doing the same old monotonous chores this weekend. Does this figment of imagination make you smile? Drive to the beautiful beach town of Al Lith, a short drive (1 hour 39 minutes) away from the second largest city in Saudi Arabia -- Jeddah. Located in the Mecca province, Al Lith sits alongside the famous Red Sea.

The region, surprisingly has all the right things in the right places to make it a perfect diving spot; clear visibility, warm water throughout the year, stunning under-water sea life, corals, mild currents, and most importantly, it is not crowded at all.

Underwater experience in Al Laith! Source:

Here you can spot sea turtles, sharks, and vividly attractive coral reefs if you choose to dive in, or, you could simply relax by the beach with a book in hand.

Recommended option to stay in Al Lith: Ahlam Marina & Resort (has a dive shop in the premises)

Recommended tour operator: (Largest diving operator in Saudi Arabia)

Best Time to Visit: All year round

Nearby attractive locations.

Mecca: One of the holiest sites in the Islamic world. Approximately 1 h 57 min, 194.3 km

Taif: Approx 2 h 58 min, 262.8 km

Al Bahah: Approximately 2 h 29 min, 219.6 km

Al Qunfudhah: 1 h 33 min, 161.6 km

Balijurashi: 2 h 28 min, 206 km

So, what are you waiting for? Head out!

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