Here’s a Glimpse of Greenland – Paradise on Earth

Here’s a Glimpse of Greenland – Paradise on Earth

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Wish to observe and admire the snowy, raw beauty of nature? Then, Greenland is the perfect place to be! The world’s largest island welcomes international travellers with its picturesque villages, spectacular scenery, unenclosed wilderness, exciting activities and lots more! Here’s a glimpse of Greenland, the paradise on Earth.

Toy-like, colourful houses in the snowy terrain

Colourful Houses

Participate in dog sledding tours to experience Greenland’s magnificent landscape & traditional Arctic life

Dog Sledding Tour

Check out the stunning Northern Lights conquering the skies

Northern Lights

Humpback whales in the glacial waters of Ilulissat Icefjord – a fjord discoverable in western Greenland

Humpback whales

Enjoy the lovely combination of nature and music with your significant other

Nature Music

Take awesome shots of the gorgeous sunset with your DSLR

Photography DSLR

If you’re lucky, you can even catch a glimpse of the Snowy owl, a rare species of owl

Snowy Owl

A fisherman’s boat in the midst of it all!

Local Fisherman

Blue berries in the Greenlandic flora

Blue Berries Greenlandic Flora

Spot the Muskox, a unique animal known for its thick coat and strong odour released during the seasonal rut by males


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