10 Hidden Gems of Turkey You can’t Afford To Miss

10 Hidden Gems of Turkey You can’t Afford To Miss

Ishak Pasha

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Turkey is synonymous with rich historical heritage. The country has some iconic and remarkable architectural marvels that draw an increasingly large number of globetrotters. The Mediterranean coastline, ancient ruins, and grand palaces – each experience is unique and memorable. Visit Turkey and find out that there is more to this fascinating land than just the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul or the ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations of Cappadocia. Holidayme lists a few such amazing sights and unexplored places in Turkey that need your immediate attention.

Hidden Interesting Places in Turkey:

1. Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley
Reaching the unexplored Butterfly Valley
The coastline of Turkey is usually bustling with tourists and luxurious resorts. On the contrary, the Butterfly Valley is serene and totally secluded. Located in the south of Turkey near the west coast, the valley is only accessible by boat. Majestic waterfalls and virgin forests are tucked away in the valley, waiting to be discovered by its explorers.

2. Amasya

The houses near the river in Amasya
The Ottoman Houses of Amasya
This quaint city of northern Turkey is set along the banks of the Yeşil River and is one of the many historical places in Turkey. The pretty half-timbered Ottoman houses are nestled on the mountains. History aficionados can take a tour of this city owing to its Ottoman antiquity.

3. Kayseri

Beautiful lake in Kayseri with a stunning backdrop
The Mighty Guardian, Mount Erciyes; Kayseri
The city, now a flourishing economy and a seat of learning, also holds a place of high historical value. The Seljuk and Ottoman monuments still adorn the city lanes, while the mighty Mount Erciyes serves as a pretty backdrop. This stunning city is the answer to the "best secret places in Turkey'".

4. Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut
The Ruins of Mount Nemrut
A short drive from the city of Adiyaman will bring you to Mount Nemrut. The hike to the top is rewarding, especially to view the sunrise. The tomb of King Antiochus and various other massive stone statues representing ancient gods and kings are scattered all over the hilltop and is truly a sight to behold.

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5. Sumela Monastery

Unexplored places in Turkey
Sumela Monastery
One of the best hidden places in Turkey, this incredible work of architecture is built on a cliff, 1,200 meters above sea level. Located near Trabzon, this Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Virgin Mary is surrounded with forests and streams. Due to its location, many tourists give it a miss, but for those looking for an adventure of a lifetime, this is it!

6. Ani

Turkey hidden gems
The Fallen City
Known as the ‘City of a Thousand and One Churches’, Ani is a medieval Armenian city located on the eastern border of Turkey. The remains of the churches still stand tall, narrating tales of its turbulent past. For explorers, Ani is one of the places of interest in Turkey.

7. Lake Van

Breathtaking places to visit in Turkey
Lake Van
The largest lake in the country, Lake Van is situated in southeast Turkey. The lake is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, while the Armenian churches and palaces are worth paying a visit. The water is inviting and calls for a nice peaceful swim. If you're also looking for additional things to do in Turkey, read along and find out!

8. Safranbolu

Houses in Safranbolu tucked beautifully on a hill
The Town of Safranbolu
The quiet and picturesque town of Safranbolu is reminiscent of the Ottoman empire. This charming town is located in northwest Anatolia and its half-timbered mansions and houses now serve as boutique hotels. The nearby Yenice Forest makes for a great hiking adventure.

9. Ishak Pasha Palace

The grand palace in Turkey with snow-peaked mountains in the background
The Grandeur Ishak Pasha Palace
Located in the isolated region of Dogubeyazit, this palace is a striking example of Islamic architecture. The palace is grandeur in many ways than one; it has several rooms and courtyards that are waiting for a glance. Overlooked by many tourists, visiting this magnificent structure will definitely not go in vain. The view from the palace is a bonus. If you're looking for sites to visit in Turkey, your visit to the palace will surely be worth it.

10. Derinkuyu Underground City

Incredible places to visit in Turkey
The Underground City of Derinkuyu
It is the deepest underground city in Cappadocia. Located 40km from Goreme, this ancient city was built during the Byzantine era between 780-1180 AD. Connected by a host of long tunnels, the city has over 600 entrances, churches, wells, tombs, stables, schools, cellar, and could hold up to 20,000 people at one time. Fascinating as it is, this underground city is certainly one of the things to see in Turkey. Looking for where to stay in turkey? Check this out! 

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