Why a Holiday in Las Palmas is just the thing you need...

Why a Holiday in Las Palmas is just the thing you need right now!

tourist attractions in Las Palmas
The capital of Spain’s Gran Canaria island, Las Palmas is a resplendent city with a pulsating vibe. While Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia are a must-visit during a Spanish sojourn, you should definitely take a quick detour and visit the city of Las Palmas as well, if only to explore its otherworldly beauty. Here is a compelling list of reasons why a holiday in Las Palmas is just the thing you need right now!

1. The beaches at Las Palmas are dazzling and never-ending

beaches in Las Palmas - the La Laja beach
The serene La Laja beach
Perfect for that beach vacay!

2. Las Palmas’ café culture is the stuff of legends!

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Perfect for some coffee sipping – book reading – tapas eating kind of an afternoon. Check out these fantastic Spain travel packages!

3. Las Palmas is a paradise for shopaholics

From high-end shops and boutiques to markets selling the freshest produce, the city has it all. Also read: 5 Splendid Tips To Travel To Spain On A Budget

4. The nightlife in Las Palmas ends with the first ray of the sun!

Perfect for partying from dusk till dawn! Also read: While In Spain, Think Beyond Tapas: Top Spanish Food To Feast Upon!

5. The Vela Latina (Canarian lateen sailing boats) races are a sight to behold

Las Palmas will bring out the competitive spirit in you when you witness (or participate in) the local sports of Vela Latina and Lucha Canaria (Canarian wrestling) These Madrid holiday packages will give you wanderlust!

6. Las Palmas is the perfect place for hiking on offbeat trails

hiking in Las Palmas
Views en route Bandama Crater
From hidden mountain trails to hidden-in-plain-sight coastal hikes, the city is full of adventure.

7. Las Palmas is home to some beautiful architectural gems

tourist attractions in Las Palmas - Church of San Juan Bautista
Church of San Juan Bautista
The beautiful building of the Canarian Museum, the gigantic Church of San Juan Bautista, the historical Iglesia de San Juan Bautista de Telde are just some examples. Now you know why a holiday in Las Palmas, Spain is just the thing you need immediately?! With its infinite coastline, its thumping nightlife, its hidden adventures and its quaint cafes, Las Palmas is waiting your arrival. What are you waiting for? Click here to book your vacation today!
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