Holidayme presents “MeFlex” – A smart way to book hotels!

Holidayme presents “MeFlex” – A smart way to book hotels!

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Modern-day travellers are smart, tech-savvy, and want the very best option that meets their budget and needs. They book hotels way in advance to save money and get the best deals. However, last-minute cancellations often lead to financial losses, especially in the case of non-refundable bookings Holidayme paid heed to this frequent feedback from loyal customers. We decided to reduce the risk of opting for hotels with “non-refundable” bookings, with our latest feature in hotel bookings, “MeFlex”. Holidayme’s MeFlex hotel prices secure your non-refundable bookings by adding a small cost and ensuring a partial refund in case of cancellations. So, no more worrying about losing your money.

How does Holidayme’s MeFlex work?

MeFlex ensures 80% refund on your non-refundable hotel bookings. Just make sure to cancel your hotel reservation at least 48-hours before your check-in date. MeFlex cancellation prices are even lower than the full-cancellation hotel prices! Holidayme’s MeFlex is powered by RoomerFlexTM an innovative hotel cancellation protection brought to you by Roomer - the marketplace for travel. Example: You book a non-refundable hotel in London for AED 1500. In general, at the time of cancellation, you lose out on the entire amount. However, with MeFlex fares, by adding a few extra costs (5-7% of actual booking cost) to your non-refundable fare, you will be able to secure 80% refund of your total booking price (in case you decide to cancel the booking). This fare is even less than the free cancellation guaranteed hotel prices. Isn't it great!

How to use Holidayme’s MeFlex service?

Step 1: Log in to Step 2: Select your destination, check-in and check-out dates, and the number of travellers and rooms. Step 3: Next, you will land on the hotel listing page. Step 4: Select a hotel as per your budget and requirement. You will land on hotel details page that enlists all the available rooms for the hotel. Step 5: Select a room with Non-refundable price and click “Book Now”. You will land on booking details page. Step 6: Fill the booking details, check your hotel stay dates, a breakup of your hotel prices and select the MeFlex option. Step 7: Click “Proceed to Pay” and secure your hotel rooms without any worries. You will receive the confirmation vouchers on your email.

Why use Holidayme’s MeFlex service?

Holidayme believes in full flexibility while travelling. We understand that sometimes travel plans change due to last-minute, unforeseen circumstances. We also know that cancellations of hotel bookings often lead to money loss. Not anymore! Use our MeFlex hotel fares and have complete peace of mind while planning your dream holidays.