Honeymoon holidays in Greece – 10 stunning places to visit

Honeymoon holidays in Greece – 10 stunning places to visit

When it is time to celebrate the very first vacation of your married life, what could be better than the big blue waves of the Aegean Sea, the bleached white rooftops of Santorini, and the ancient columns and temples of Athens? That’s a rhetorical question BTW, because Greece is the answer to all your prayers, in terms of the perfect honeymoon getaway! Honeymoon holidays in Greece can take you to the hills and cliffs of Akrotiri in Santorini, the sun-kissed sugary beaches of Mykonos, the romantic lush greenery of Crete and of course, the ancient monuments of Athens. From the fine Mediterranean climate to lush olive gardens, from the choppy sea waves to rolling vineyards, and from the natural thermal spas to craggy hills that locals traverse every day, Greece is the best place to lose yourself along with your better half, and find a whole new life together!

1. Evia

Honeymoon in Greece
Romance never looked this good!
A hot, hot, hot destination when touring Greece for your honeymoon is Evia, where natural thermal springs soothe you and the hot rocks give you the best steam treatment possible! Spend time here with your beloved, and both of you are sure to feel completely reinvigorated and ready to face the remainder of the journey.
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2. Crete

Greece honeymoon
The Preveli beach on Crete island

The largest island in Greece, Crete is also famed for being one of the most populated. However, for a couple, it is pretty easy to find those stolen moments of complete solitude, especially if visiting the fine-sand beaches here. Crete also has an amazing labyrinth that a couple can walk through, while reading about the legend of the Minotaur, a half-human half-animal monster that was slayed by Theseus.

3. Thessaloniki

Best honeymoon destination
Enjoy the spectacular sunset of Thessaloniki
While on your honeymoon holiday in Greece, don’t forget to cross Thessaloniki off your bucket list! After all, it is famed as the “City of Love” among the Greeks. Expect to see modern art all around you, from beaches to local markets. One of the best things to do in Thessaloniki is watching the irresistible sunsets, painting the sky in myriad shades of crimson and violet.

4. Santorini

Best honeymoon place in Greece
The picturesque Santorini only for you both
If you have to go to just one place in Greece for your honeymoon, make it Santorini - one of the most versatile and diverse destinations in the country! From the hard-to-reach Red Beach to the mesmerizing archaeological site of Akrotiri; from the choppy sea water below to the white-washed homes on the hills, Santorini is like a dream come to life! Enjoy long romantic walks on the beach, ride donkeys up the hills, and savour a short cruise in the sea.

5. Athens

Parthenon temple Acropolis Athens
Romance amidst historical ruins in Athens
Where else would you get to see some of the oldest monuments in the world? Athens is the perfect destination to start your honeymoon holidays in Greece not just because it is the capital of the country, but also because it stands witness to numerous wars, conquests, and the rise and fall of the Greek Empire. Couples can enjoy visiting the museums, the larger-than-life monuments and the many nearby attractions such as the Temple of Poseidon and Hydra, where no vehicles are allowed, and it is pretty common to see couples walking arm in arm across the streets.

6. Mykonos

Mykonos honeymoon
Take a walk down such alleys in Mykonos
Mykonos is the perfect place to find secluded beaches and enjoy some private moments with the love of your life. Enjoy the crystal-clear water all around you, the amazing luxury resorts, and the chance to walk hand-in-hand towards the sunset, just like in a blockbuster romantic movie! And let’s not forget the party atmosphere Mykonos is famous for!
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7. Meteora

Imagine waking up to this view in Meteora
Ever read about monasteries built on top of hills or gigantic rocks? Meteora is all about that and more! After a couple of nights of relentless sun and unceasing parties, this hilly destination can be a soothing balm for your soul. Get up early to catch magical sunrises, and explore hidden caves in Meteora.

8. Milos

Honeymoon in Greece
A romantic evening in Milos
Do you know who the Greek patron Goddess of love is? It’s Aphrodite, and Milos is where the most beautiful sculpture of her was discovered! The Aphrodite of Milos sculpture, more famous as the Venus de Milo, was discovered here in all her glory and later moved to the Louvre Museum in Paris. Even though the sculpture is not here anymore, there are plenty of restaurants and other sites that play homage to the Goddess.

9. Spetses

Romance in Greece
How beautiful is Spetses?!
Fancy a ride on a horse-drawn carriage on cobbled streets where no vehicles with gears are allowed? Take your lady love’s hand, and usher her into a luxurious carriage that will surely take you into a different era, when love was all that mattered! Spetses is a small island, perfect for couples looking for some relaxation, away from the hustle bustle of the city.

10. Lesvos

Greek honeymoon
A stunning view of the Aegean Sea from Lesvos
Just as beautiful as any other island of Greece, Lesvos (also known as Lesbos) is a must-visit for a different reason entirely. Covering the Sigri-Eressos-Antissa area is an exceptional petrified forest, created by volcanic activity that took place nearly 20 million years ago. The ferry ride to the place is beautiful enough, but on reaching the spot and on taking in the multi-coloured hills and fallen tree limbs that have stayed this way for millions of years, the experience is sure to be breathtaking. There is more, much more to explore in Greece, so don’t wait too long before setting off for your honeymoon holidays in Greece. Doesn’t matter if you got married years ago - just think of it as your second honeymoon trip!
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