Honeymoon Holidays in Italy

Honeymoon Holidays in Italy

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Now, what could be better than celebrating your honeymoon holidays in Italy? The very beginning of your married life is kick-started in either the historic corridors of Rome, or under the Tuscan Sun! Or, consider exploring the charming canals of Venice or the colorful houses of Murano and Burano, followed by a restful stint at Lake Como and a day out shopping in Milan! You see, in Italy, the choices for honeymoon destinations are endless. It doesn’t matter if you guys are the romantic type, the history buffs, luxury lovers, or simply backpackers looking to have a good time, Italy is the one-stop solution for all your honeymoon needs!   Rome: Rome is a balm for the souls of history buffs, and if a newly married couple loves nothing more than exploring historic ruins and soaking in old-world feels, Rome is the best place in Italy to start your trip! The Colosseum and Trevi Fountain offer some of the best post-marriage photo-ops, with beautiful backgrounds and several people willing to click couple photos for you. Visiting the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica is another great option. Rome is also famed for its active nightlife, and a couple can surely fit in a pub crawl or two on their honeymoon holidays in Italy.
A couple exploring the Colosseum
Verona: Now we all know what Verona is famous for, but even apart from several monuments dedicated to Rome and Juliet and the famous Roman Arena, Verona is a paradise for couples in love, especially honeymooners. It is a picturesque little town, with cobbled streets and narrow alleys leading to local markets, along with plenty of secluded places to sit and discuss life.
A couple enjoying the spectacular view of Verona
Milan: This place is sure to be a magnet for fashion aficionados. Apart from being a historically and culturally rich city, Milan also offers a great chance for souvenir shopping. Don’t worry, there are designer knock-offs available easily as well, so you don’t have to spend all your travel money in just one city. Plenty of museums and art galleries make it an absolute must-visit for couples that love art and artifacts.
Become an avid shopper with your spouse in Milan
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Florence: The Ponte Vecchio, an old bridge in Florence, has unknowingly become one of the most romantic places in Italy. Opposite the bridge is a grill gate, where couples fix locks honoring their love, and throw away the key into the river flowing under the bridge. It is said people who fix locks here stay together forever! Now, wouldn’t you want the same for your married life? Make sure you include Florence on the itinerary for your honeymoon holidays in Italy!
Florence's Ponte Vecchio Bridge View
Ruins of Pompeii: We all know what the eruption of Mount Vesuvius did to the town of Pompeii, and how it petrified and preserved everything the same way like it was thousands of years ago. But did you know that you can still go and visit the smoldering Vesuvius? Visit Pompeii to check out the tragic town, and hike over to the Vesuvius with your beloved in tow. Makes for a very interesting honeymoon story!
Go back in time by visiting the Ruins of Pompeii
Venice: Winding canals and rocky gondolas with singing oars-men is what Venice stands for! The perfect place to lose yourselves, albeit together! Walk hand in hand into a Venetian café, cross ancient bridges that connect residential areas with local markets, and simply ride around in the gondolas and water taxis that crisscross the canals all hours of the day - what else could you ask for in a honeymoon?

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Lake Como: Visualize a gigantic lake, of which you can see neither shore nor bank, and small hilly villages surrounding it. Lake Como is where celebrities from around the world come to relax and soak up some sun, so don’t be surprised if you run into a few known faces here! For those inclined towards luxury, Bellagio is a great option, while for those looking to enjoy the backpacker life, Varenna is the right choice. Expect to find a lot of lush green nature trails to walk hand in hand on, tons of amazing restaurants to sample great food and wine at, and some of the most beautiful views you’ve ever seen!
Sitting on a wooden jetty near Lake Como
Pisa: What can one tell you about Pisa that you don’t already know? It is home to THE most famous leaning tower of the world, offering its visitors plenty of amazing photo-ops and a serene sense of belonging. Visit Pisa for a day-trip and return in the evening to Rome for a night of hardcore partying!
A couple taking a leisurely stroll in the Pisa Street
Amalfi Coast: Stunning beauty awaits you at Amalfi Coast, in form of the vertically built town of Positano. Expect to see wildflowers everywhere, steep cliffs and sheer drops, and of course, sea waves singing you a lullaby every night. Also, it has one of the most pleasant climates across the country, so you can visit any time of the year! For foodie couples, especially seafood lovers, this is heaven. You can expect to try out seafood of all sorts, from fresh crustaceans to fishes of all sizes and more!
Discover the beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast
Whichever way you look at Italy, a new and intriguing surprise awaits you; something that is equally attractive for your spouse as it is for you - be it history, shopping, luxury, backpacking, nature, or even nightlife. When planning your honeymoon holidays in Italy, keep enough days in hand to explore them all.

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