Iconic Empire State Building features Cecil, the fallen hero!

Iconic Empire State Building features Cecil, the fallen hero!

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New Yorkers received a unique surprise when the iconic Empire State Building beamed the image of Cecil, the deceased Zimbabwean lion, on its building façade. The Empire State Building is the latest entrant in the ever increasing list of protest and awareness raising initiative for endangered animals around the globe. 

Cecil the lion projected onto Empire State Building
image source: Telegraph

CecilCecil the lion, Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe’s iconic lion, Cecil, was lured and hunted by an American dentist, Walter James Palmer in an illegal manner. The iconic lion which used to be the main attraction for all the visiting tourists to the country, was lured out by the American dentist out of the Hwange National Park. The dentist from Minnesota reportedly paid 35,000 pounds to trophy hunt the most majestic and iconic creature of Zimbabwe’s national parks.

Cecil the lion

Online communities and conservationist groups are enraged following the shameful hunting of the lion, which became popular for its human contact. The Zimbabwe park authorities have arrested two local accomplices hired by the American dentist. The lion was lured out of the park at night using a bait and was hunted by bow and arrow and later, its collar was removed, beheaded and skinned the animal.

Walter Palmer

The shocking killing of the 13-year-old majestic lion has raised serious concerns about the practice of trophy hunting in Africa. Trophy hunting is legalised in several African game reserves and this has led to a sudden resurgence of trophy killing activities in the continent. This unfortunate incident is a serious setback for tourism in Zimbabwe and Africa.