Incredible Lebanon: An Ideal Summer Escapade…

Incredible Lebanon: An Ideal Summer Escapade…

Incredible Lebanon, An Ideal Summer Escapade
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Lebanon Tour Packages : Introduction

"You have your Lebanon and its dilemma. I have my Lebanon and its beauty" -- Khalil Gebran No words could describe the Asian country better, especially in present context, than what the most celebrated writer Khalil Gibran has said! I wonder if God’s aim was ‘perfection’, when he created Lebanon, because nothing else explains the flawless amalgamation of mountains and beaches, a landscape so stunning that you may need to pinch yourself twice to ensure that you are not dreaming, and warm hearted natives who are a classic combination of beauty and brains. Enough reasons for you to zero in your perfect summer getaway? Let me help you with the nitty gritties!

Lebanon Tourism: Location

lebanon map On the world map, you would need to literally squint your eyes, to spot Lebanon, as it is a small country situated on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The total area of this scenic place is roughly 10,400 sq. kms. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and the Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport is located approximately 5 kms from Beirut, and is Lebanon's only civilian airport.

Best time to visit Lebanon

Lebanon landscape Who wouldn’t like to visit a country when it is at its picturesque best? Lebanon is best explored in the spring, summer and early autumn seasons, when the whole region is blanketed with flowers and the weather is just apt to indulge in outdoor activities. Lebanon experiences Mediterranean type climate i.e. hot and humid summers and cool and wet winters. It also witnesses snow in some high altitude areas. The best months to visit Lebanon, therefore, are, April – November.

How to Get Around in Lebanon

A car-on-hire for the indulgent, public transport for the budget conscious and hitch hiking for the adventurous, the options to explore this charming country are limitless. Use either or a combination of all to savor the beauty of this place in an unhurried pace.

Best Places to Stay in Lebanon

From luxurious hotels, to cosy guest houses to family-run hotels to the modern day accommodations options like couch surfing, the options of putting up in Lebanon are plenty. So, depending on your mood or budget, you could opt to spend a night in an opulent hotel or you could chat the night away with fellow, friendly Lebanese, while crashing into the extra bed they provide to their guests.

Lebanon Tourism: What to Pack

Other than regular supplies you would pack for a comfortable stay, do remember to pack a pair of sturdy sneakers and a jacket, there is a lot of walking around to do and the temperature may get chilly even in the slated ‘hottest’ months. Otherwise the culture in this ‘Arabic’ country is chilled out, you could wear anything you please.

Lebanon: Places to See

Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque A toughie here, with about 6 UNESCO World Heritage and numerous picturesque sites otherwise, what to see and what to miss will always remain debatable. Here is a list of popular tourist destinations: Jeita Grotto, Temples of Baalbek, Our Lady of Harissa, National Museum of Beirut, Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Churches of Harissa, Qadisha Valley, and the Pigeons Rocks in Raouche  among others. If you happen to visit Lebanon in summers and wish to check out underrated destinations, places like Baatara Gorge Waterfall – Tannourine, Chowan Waterfall – Nahr Ibrahim, Nahr Ibrahim, Saydit El Nourieh- Batroun, Afqa Waterfall – Afqa, Monastery of Saint Anthony – Kozhaya would not disappoint you at all. Make sure you reserve some energy so as to explore the night clubs in Jbeil and Gemmayzeh, and the Skybar, Beirut, considered amongst the best nightclubs in the world.

Lebanese Cuisine

Every foodie has secretly wished for a cuisine that they could hog on without putting on weight. Lebanese food is more or less the answer to all those prayers. A Lebanese platter is a healthy balance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, olive oil and garlic, and is usually sautéed, grilled or baked. The ingredients used are always fresh with little or no spices. A common Lebanese meal comprises of few mezze dishes that are a combination of green peppers, cucumbers, radishes, scallions, olives, pickles, hummus (mashed chick peas), Baba ghanoush (made of eggplant) and is accompanied with a main dish of meat/ chicken/ fish served with rice. However, while in Lebanon, do not miss out on sampling the legendary national dishes Tabbouleh (made with parsley, burghul (cracked wheat), onions, tomatoes, lemon juice and spices) and Kibbe (meat pie made from finely minced lamb and burghul (cracked wheat)).

Lebanon Shopping

If you are brand conscious, walk into any of swanky marketplace (ABC mall) and indulge! However, if you are looking for a piece of Lebanon to take back with you, stroll into any of the souks, and buy handmade olive oil soaps, fashion accessories for men & women, local art and craft, ancient coins, and cookery books.

Lebanon Tourism: Did you know?

  • When you think of Arab countries, first thing that comes to your mind is a desert. Do not come looking for one in Lebanon though, it is the only Arab country that is desert free.
  • Beirut was destroyed and rebuilt not one..not two but 7 times.... No wonder it is called the "Phoenix".
  • It seems once Lebanese make up their mind there is no changing it, the country's name for instance, is one of the oldest in the world and has not been changed in 4000 years!