Introducing Moldova: One of the least visited countries in the world!

Introducing Moldova: One of the least visited countries in the world!

Moldova places to see
Sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania, lies Moldova, a beautiful, tiny country that you’ve probably never heard of. The fact that you’ve probably never heard of it, is something we’re not exactly okay with! Yes, we want you to know about this country’s charming existence, about its dreamy, virgin countryside, its idyllic monasteries, its relaxed pace of life, its pulsating nightlife, its compelling culture, its mouth-watering gastronomy, and myriad other undiscovered gems. Come explore one of Europe’s least visited countries, power-packed with marvels. Here are some beautiful pictures that will inspire you to visit this hidden land.

Magnificent Monasteries

Capriana Monastery and Monastery of St. Nicholas

places to see in Moldova
Capriana Monastery (brown domes) and the Monastery of St. Nicholas (green domes), in Straseni District, Moldova.
Moldova has some of the most magnificent monasteries on the planet! Ensconced amidst a picturesque forested area, the Capriana Monastery and Monastery of St. Nicholas, are amongst the oldest monasteries in Moldova, and call for some spectacular aerial shots! Don't you think?

Noul Neamt Monastery

tourist attractions in Moldova
Noul Neamt Monastery, Moldova
Also known as Chitcani (the village in which it is located) Monastery, the beautiful Noul Neamt monastery was founded in 1861. If you want to soak in a birds-eye view of the surrounding panorama, which include a sweeping countryside and the monastery's four churches, you can climb up the majestic, 70 m bell tower!

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Hâncu Monastery

tourist attractions, Moldova
Hancu Monastery, Bursuc village, Moldova
Bordering the serene Cogilnic River, located in a forest, the vibrant Hancu Monastery was built in 1678, by the high steward Mihail Hancu, at the will of his daughter. For a period of over 40 years, from 1949 to 1992, the monastery was closed by Soviet authorities. In 1992, at the behest of the locals, the monastery finally resumed activity.

Teodor Tiron Monastery

things to do in Moldova
Teodor Tiron Monastery, also known as Ciuflea Monastery
Colloquially also referred to as Ciuflea Monastery, this gorgeous monastery was built between 1854-1858, by the brothers Anastasia (1801-1870) and Theodore (1796-1854) Ciuflea. Built of white stone, the monastery has nine gold domes, and is located in the capital city of Chisinau.

Old Orhei

Moldova places to see
Old Orhei, and archaeological complex located in Trebujeni, Moldova
Old Orhei is arguably one of the most fantastic sights of Moldova. A historical, cultural, and archaeological complex located about 60 km (35 miles) northeast of Chisinau, Old Orhei's dramatic landscape will leave you stunned. Flanked by the Raut River, the complex forms a scenic valley and features beautiful limestone cliffs, home to numerous ancient buildings and monuments. This is certainly one of the must-visit places in Moldova!

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Places to see in Moldova
Old Orhei, with spectacular sunset views in the backdrop

Nativity Cathedral, Chisinau

tourist attractions in Moldova
Nativity Cathedral, Moldova
Sporting a quintessential neoclassical design, the elegant Nativity Cathedral was built in the 1830s. During the World War II, the cathedral was bombed, and the bell tower was destroyed by the communists in 1962, only to be reconstructed in 1997.

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Triumphal Arch, Chisinau

places to see in Moldova Located just next to the Nativity Cathedral in central Chisinau, stands the regal Triumphal Arch, built in 1840. This monument commemorates the victory of the Russian empire over the Turks during the Russo-Turkish War (1828-1829).

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