is bosnia safe
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Let's tick off this major question off our list first, The answer is Yes.

Bosnia is largely safe to travel. This goes for both large groups and solo travellers. The level of crime is low, and crime against foreigners is almost negligible. Women or couples for that matter, can roam freely. Dress modestly and comfortably and you are good to go!

Small towns are not plagued with any serious crimes, but using your own common sense is highly recommended. Petty felonies from pickpocketing to reckless driving, to thefts and street brawls are fairly common, especially in the town of Sarajevo and needless to say, some foreigners have been victims, too.

But that shouldn’t set you worrying for these are more of a common sight everywhere. There are a few pointers though, which should kept in mind will exploring this gorgeous country and enjoy a happy and safe vacation.

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 Tips for safe Bosnia travel - Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • While taking public transport, or crowded market places beware of your surroundings and pickpockets. Avoid unwarranted displays of wealth, carrying large quantities of cash or decking up in heavy jewellery and luxury vehicles for they can make you a target for opportunist thieves.
  • Do not roam around in unknown areas without guidance, be aware that the nation is still in the process of clearing many of the estimated 1 million land mines left around the countryside during the war of 1992-1995.
  • Also, stay away from abandoned properties and areas as they were rigged with mines during the Bosnia war, as the owners fled away.
  • While commuting by trains, make doubly sure that your luggage is safe and doors are closed. Reports of thefts in ‘locked’ compartments on trains have been made.
  • Another important thing to consider to make your Bosnia travel safe is that the country’s railway line are electrified and even those line that temporary cut are dangerous. Some of the railway crossings in the countryside are not protected by proper barriers, hence make sure you are alert while crossing them!
  • If you plan to explore this gorgeous country by car, make sure you are well equipped with all important documents and maps of the area you wish to travel to. Expect the roads to be heavily congested and poorly maintained. Keep a strict vigil on drunk drivers, unfortunately you will find them in plenty in Bosnia.