Kaleidoscopic Kenya: Beaches, Safaris and Majestic Wildlife!

Kaleidoscopic Kenya: Beaches, Safaris and Majestic Wildlife!

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Kenya is a gorgeous African country, home to abundant wildlife, famous game reserves, snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches and everything a traveller wants to experience and enjoy! This country is indeed the pride of Africa ready with endless adventures and mesmerizing sceneries. Kenya’s captivating capital, Nairobi should not be missed, being the only city in the world that has a full-fledged wildlife park, right on its outskirts!

The warm and friendly locals of Kenya leave no stone unturned to welcome and take care of the tourists gracefully. Introducing Kenya will be incomplete without acquainting you with the legendary ‘Great Wildebeest Migration’. In this yearly movement, over 1.5 million wildebeests along with zebras and antelopes travel across the country covering at least 800 kilometres. Go on an African safari for close encounters with the beautiful animals of Africa! The Maasai Mara National Reserve can be a good place to start. Having a great time in Kenya is not difficult at all as the nation has lots to offer! Make a list of Kenyan hotspots to visit before landing in this country. There are many fabulous hotels in Kenya that provide excellent accommodation facilities with services.

Although Kenya lies on the equator, there are note-worthy regional climatic variations. Altitude is one of the many reasons for it. At daytime, the temperature is between 20°C and 28°C. However, the coastal areas are relatively warmer. What is the best time to visit Kenya? The dry season from late June to October is apt for wildlife viewing. Adrenaline junkies must challenge themselves with activities such as mountaineering, diving and snorkeling.

To plan and enjoy the best of what Kenya tourism puts forth, go through our interesting blog pieces that will give you a sneak peek into the magic that this African country has to offer!