Keukenhof - world's most stunning garden
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Keukenhof Gardens - the pride of the Netherlands

Keukenhof - world's largest tulip garden

There are miniature gardens, medium-sized gardens, massive gardens, and then there is Keukenhof. The largest ever flower park in the world, the Keukenhof gardens are something like you’ve never seen in your life! Spread across a sprawling 79 acres, and open each year from mid-March to mid-May, the Keukenhof flower gardens are home to a jaw-dropping seven million flower bulbs, including 800 varieties of tulips that are planted annually! Seven million blossoming buds. Can you believe that?!

Keukenhof Gardens

With a legion of endless flower fields, chances are that this is possibly one of the only places on the planet where you’ll lay your eyes on so many colours at the same time! Get blown away by pinks, purples, yellows and blues bursting out from every lane inching lustrously towards the horizon. With every step you take along these endless flower lanes at Keukenhof, you breathe in a chunk of the quintessential Netherlands. The sweet-smelling aromas, the beautiful colours, the sea of flowers, the blooming tulips, the verdant greens – every possible element here has a little bit of the Netherlands in it.

Keukenhof - world's most beautiful flower garden

Keukenhof - one of the world's largest flower gardens

Keukenhof Tulip Garden

Situated in Lisse, the Netherlands, the sprawling Keukenhof garden was established in 1949, by the then-mayor of Lisse. The main idea behind establishing such a park, was to give growers from all over the Netherlands and Europe, a chance to show off their hybrids.

Apart from the startling display of flowers, the Keukenhof gardens also give visitors a lifetime opportunity to stroll along miles of mystifying trails, be part of an array of events, floral shows, exhibitions, and much more! As you stroll through the gardens, get ready to stumble upon magical fountains, a huge wooden windmill, narrow canals that can be savoured by a boat trip, flower parades, and breath-taking landscapes that look straight out from a Van Gogh painting!

Keukenhof - Flower Parade

Interestingly, the Keukenhof gardens feature a multitude of garden styles and themes. For instance, there’s the Historical Garden, where you’ll see a number of old types of bulbs; a lush Nature Garden, which is home to a serene water garden with perennials, shrubs, and bulbous plants; a resplendent, non-traditional Japanese Garden; and a classic English landscape Garden complete with winding paths, among others!