Khamis Mushait: A Cool Oasis For Saudi Weekend Travelers!

Khamis Mushait: A Cool Oasis For Saudi Weekend Travelers!

A view of Khamis Mushyat at night. Image Credits:
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 Take a break from the heat of the big city with a visit to Khamis Mushait.

Mountains around Khamis Mushyat
Mountains around Khamis Mushyat. Image credits:

This gorgeous mountain valley in Saudi Arabia, blessed with year-round cool weather is the oasis all weekend travelers dream of!

Distance from major Saudi cities:
Abha: 36.5 kms Jeddah: 614.6 kms Riyadh: 884 kms Dammam: 1,412 kms (flight time of around 3 hours, 30 minutes) Hello reader, today we will be talking about Khamis Mushayt city, a small town in Saudi Arabia known for its grand mountain valley; a stark contrast to the arid landscape the country is famous for. Although the city is known for being the capital of the Shahran tribe, it also has a thriving trading center and a famous military base. The charm of this city lies is in its gardens, streams, fields, farms and similar natural elements. Visitors also say that the city is blessed with a special relaxing vibe that makes them forget their big city troubles and tensions. Another good news for travelers is the soothing Khamis weather, which is consistently good throughout the year, especially in summers when the mountain breeze feels heavenly.

Things to do in Khamis Mushyat

1. Make your way to the famous local souqs, each one specialising in something different - Khamis Souq, Silver Souq, and the Spice Souq. Although a little hard to find, you will find a good variety of jewelries in the Silver Souq. Whereas, the Spice Souq has an abundance of cardamom, cloves and henna varieties. The abundance in commerce is due to the fact that Khamis Mushyat is the fourth biggest trading centre in Saudi Arabia.
Khamis Mushyat Mosque!
Khamis Mushyat Mosque!
2. Visit the famous Khamis Mushayt Mosque. 3. If you are looking for more, head out to Abha, the nearest town with all the glitzy things on offer from a big city. 4. Recommended: Check out the twice-in-a-week market hosted in the city. This historic market is very  famous. Now let’s talk about the hotels in khamis mushayt Saudi Arabia. We offer you the Bayat By Cristal Hotel, a 4-Star hotel that features rooms equipped with latest luxury & technology and the Mercure Hotel Khamis Mushyat, a 4-Star hotel which proudly claims to be a space where luxury, business and entertainment come together.


Hadi Soua'an Al-Somaily, the first Saudi silver medallist in the Olympics is from Khamis Mushayt.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, rev up that car and head out to this beautiful place! Check out our Khamis Mushayt hotels for a comfortable stay!

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